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    Spectral Bluntsword

    A new weapon for meleers to use in the Dungeon and Temple Spectral Bluntsword 65 Damage Average knockback 30 use time Slightly larger than the Fiery Greatsword Crafted from 12 Spectre Bars When swung wil swing round in a complete circle phasing through blocks in the way
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    PC Charged Blaster Cannon unable to activate specter armor

    This is intended, the full beam of the Charged Blaster Cannon and the Last Prism are unable to use the Spectre Hoods effect.
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    Sprites More Uses for the Post-Plantera materials!

    I have an idea for a Spectre weapon: Spectral Bluntsword Crafted with 12 Spectre Bars 80dmg 30 use time The sword is about the size of the Fiery Greatsword When swung would swing round in a complete circle regardless of blocks in the way Also it would be better if the Shroomite Beambow shot a...
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    [Tobbvald's Tinkering] Necronomitron and The Dungeon

    Suggestion for this Instead of just having 2 first phase periods it could spawn exposed (in 2nd phase) and then have its 1st phase's first at 75% health then doing a different evils phase 1 at 50% health then doing it a for the remaining evil at 25% health with the following orders Blue...
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    Amphibian Boots-styled sidegrades for all Hermes Boots variants

    Sandstorm boots seem like a very good idea given that Spectre doesn’t inherit the bonuses when crafted using Dunerider. The rest seem partially unnecessary especially the Fairy Boots. The Hellfire Treads functionality would be good though.
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    Share your RNG luck here!

    I have one friend who is insane with RNG this is some of the things they have managed: Mythical Demon scythe from 2nd demon Godly unholy trident from 4th Red Devil 2 turtle shells in a row Got 2 RoDs in 40 elementals while trying to build a farm for RoDs Only time we had bad RNG is when I...
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