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Hello! I’m Yoshibomb. I’ve been playing terraria for about a year now. I only have mobile version as of writing this (11/28/2020), and while I haven’t been on as long as other people, I am extremely knowledgeable about the game and it’s many features. If you ever need advice, just hit me up! The only things I can’t help with are builds, wiring, and paints. It helps a lot if you react positively to my posts and comment on them too, so be sure to check out my threads! Thanks!
May 29
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Hey! I’m Yoshibomb. Though I haven’t played terraria as long as some people might have, I’ve been online for about a year! While I might not be the greatest at playing the game, I have incredibly vast knowledge of several mechanics and weapons, and more! If you need any advice, just ask me! The only things I’m not great at are builds, wiring, and painting. Otherwise, hit me up!




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