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  1. Yvori

    tModLoader Peculiarity

    I don't think necroposts are frowned upon when it's your mod's page and you're posting about said mod, as the author :P I understand preferring Discord, but it would be nice if you could check on the forum page every few weeks at least. Lots of us don't want to join a bunch of mod Discords just...
  2. Yvori

    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

    Same here. There seems to be something wrong with the mirrors. After recieving one from the Dusty Mirror, mousing over it will crash me without fail too. Seems to be a common issue for months now. Here's hoping there's a fix soonish.
  3. Yvori

    tModLoader Rise of Ages - Lore, Bosses and Druid class

    Thank you for notifying everyone! We get that modders do this all in their spare time, and don't always have the time or energy to contribute. Don't feel upset that it's going slowly right now, there's no rush to release as soon as possible or anything! If anything, I'd say taking a break to...
  4. Yvori

    tModLoader Worldbits: Yuyu's Worldgen

    Ah! Wonderful, I've been consistently annoyed at the lack of simpler structure mods for Terraria that don't also add a ridiculous amount of progression and stuff, the only one seemed to be JereTheJuggler's mod. Leave it to Yuyutsu to finally make another! Looks gorgeous, I kinda wish I hadn't...
  5. Yvori

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    I don't actually have any suggestions right now, but thanks for asking! The current ones are great as-is! And hm... Then it's probably another mod causing that. I may have to ask around a bit more. It's not really a big deal either way since it doesn't seem to actually affect the ammo or coins...
  6. Yvori

    tModLoader Shop Expander

    Thanks for the quick response! But yeah I'd definitely get if stuff was breaking due to tModLoader updates, and the conflicting patches certainly explains why that wouldn't be working. I actually should probably set up another instance to test more thoroughly, as I'm using the 64 bit unofficial...
  7. Yvori

    Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

    I understand that. I just find how much people are getting up in arms about it to be... A bit much. Either way, I really hope the Switch Splitscreen Multiplayer gets worked out soon, because that's a pretty major oversight, assuming something isn't stopping them from adding it. They definitely...
  8. Yvori

    tModLoader Shop Expander

    I hadn't noticed the mod not working... Odd. That said, however, I did find a bug. It seems with Shop Expander enabled, the right-click-to-apply function of Box of Gadgets' Reforging Kits fails to happen. They don't get used, and the item you're holding the kits over when right-clicking isn't...
  9. Yvori

    Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

    It sounds like there was a miscommunication between Nintendo and Pipeworks, potentially. @Loki hey so I know it's unlikely I'll get your attention this way, but any word on this from Pipeworks? Since you're the one posting these updates I figure you're probably in touch with all sides of...
  10. Yvori

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    Some mods mess with how fists work. Especially if you're using Terraria Overhaul or Directional Melee. Normally you dash into an enemy and damage them instead, but some mods break this.
  11. Yvori

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    So I'm not certain this mod is the cause, admittedly... But I've noticed I've been getting modifiers on ammo, which is... well... bizzare. Just when picking up ammo, sometimes, very rarely, it has a modifier. Even coins have gotten modifiers once, I guess because they're "ammo" for the coin gun...
  12. Yvori

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    The wiki is very likely not up-to-date. I can confirm that as of just a few days ago, the Sabers ARE in the mod, and probably aren't going anywhere. Also I agree, more Sabers would be great! I'd love to see Sabers and Whips get some unique accessories too, and a full supply of start-to-endgame...
  13. Yvori

    Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

    I feel like a broken record at this point, as I'm sure I've said this several times before, but thank you for consistently caring about your community and keeping us up-to-date with all the goings-on for every version of the game, and all the other projects relating to it. Many devs don't take...
  14. Yvori

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    Yes. Do note that some mods have issues with this branch, though I'm finding my current test playthrough to be far more stable than expected. Click the Mega link, it will open a page with the latest version along with a folder containing old versions. Click the old versions folder.
  15. Yvori

    tModLoader Qwerty's Bosses and Items

    I'm afraid I can't confirm that, as we stopped playing because the lagspikes made it unplayable, and it doesn't occur at all when I use the mod in Singleplayer. It probably also won't work if I'm hosting the Steam multiplayer since I'd be both the client and the server? So... Hm... I could ask...
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