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Recent content by Yvori

  1. Yvori

    tModLoader Qwerty's Random Content Mod

    Hey so have gotten huge lagspikes and following streams of MessageBuffer errors in two server instances now. Once when I was hosting, and once when not hosting. When I was hosting, the cause was never clear. This time, since the number of mods that are the same between both instances is so low...
  2. Yvori

    Error on Message Terraria.MessageBuffer

    Welp I forgot to ever get back to this, but playing Terraria again and it's reared its ugly head... Again. Modlist is different and MUCH smaller this time. I'm not the one hosting this time, but MessageBuffer errors are at it again. TModLoader 0.11.5 List this time is: The mods which are in...
  3. Yvori

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    I mean, that would probably be legit useful for people who don't have a Discord account or don't want to join a Discord just to find out if a bug they're experiencing is common. Not that it'll stop people from reporting known bugs anyway.
  4. Yvori

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    Goodness... Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit of a spoilsport? We're just joking around here!
  5. Yvori

    tModLoader Various Weathers

    Next patch: Re-decreased ore drop chances and de-decreased amount of tremors during Tremors if Tremor Remastered is installed. Tremor.
  6. Yvori

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    Aha! So that's why the banner there looks like a pigman!
  7. Yvori

    tModLoader W.I.P Beyond The Forgotten Ages Mod

    Wiki probably died since the mod is abandoned in favour of a new (unreleased and work-in-progress) mod.
  8. Yvori

    tModLoader Unlimited Buff Slots

    Oh heck! I was just looking for something like this a few months ago and was told the buff limit was aggravatingly hardcoded in several places which is why nobody touched it! Nice to see someone took the time to fiddle up a solution though! A few questions though! 1. Are you planning any config...
  9. Yvori

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    It doesn't need to be a full overhaul! I think I had just heard rumors of a full overhaul and assumed things. Really, the mod doesn't need an overhaul, and just tweaking some of the weaker spots would make it 200% better! (Honestly, I still adore the mod even with the few flaws the old version...
  10. Yvori

    tModLoader Various Weathers

    I've noted this before too. It seems like the wind also checks for blocks blocking from the direction of the wind, so even if you're in front of a wall at times, if there's not a physical block x tiles away from you in the direction the wind is coming from, it thinks there's no block between you...
  11. Yvori

    tModLoader Ancients Awakened (Work in Progress)

    Hey, can't blame them for being inspired and excited! Also more music is never bad!
  12. Yvori

    tModLoader TGM1234's Mods

    I mean, you're not really missing out since not only is Spirit in the process of being updated, but loads of mods still work just fine on old TModLoader 0.10.X
  13. Yvori

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    If you don't mind me asking, what made you want to come back to Spirit? Or is this the total rewrite mentioned before?
  14. Yvori

    Character Creation UI Redux Mod?

    Ohhh... Yeah, okay, that explains it a lot. In that case, I think I'll just live without it until whatever improvements they'll probably make in Journey's End >.>
  15. Yvori

    Character Creation UI Redux Mod?

    Hi, so I'm continually amazed that I don't find anything like this (except one mod which is outdated, buggy, and seemingly dead, adds other unneccesary features, and has UI scaling issues) but how hard would it be to make a mod that makes the Character Creation UI better? There are a few ways I...
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