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  1. ZagoTD

    10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

    For the "Other" category: A near-perfect trailer for Terraria (The entire game, not just an update) now that it's done! I spent at least 2 weeks on this. Practically made it for Re-Logic as thanks for such an amazing game so I thought it'd be perfect to submit! Builds are mine, all footage is mine!
  2. ZagoTD

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2021

    I noticed you didn't have a proper updated trailer for Terraria so I made one if you're interested Anyway, this whole workshop buzz is streamlining the sexualization of almost every sprite (I downloaded a pack that looked nice and fixed a wall sprite I didn't like and.. I realized it also made...
  3. ZagoTD

    PC I made an updated trailer now that the game is finished!

    It's been seen by one person and it's freakin Jetstreme I'm dead
  4. ZagoTD

    Biome Backgrounds?

    I'm aware it's been 6 years but if you have some of the updated ones (Primarily forest, like that lake one especially) I'd love them for another project, thanks! Note that I don't need every frame of the animations for what I'm doing
  5. ZagoTD

    **REPORTED** Bug with Pets/NPCs that I honestly am not sure should be removed

    I added the heart because it was cute, they were even both sitting in one chair at one point. There is no available housing (Including before using the pet licenses) and the stylist was respawning. This is the latest update, idk what else applies here!
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