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Recent content by zenmai

  1. zenmai

    10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!

    Congrats! ;) The first game I bought on steam was terraria I'm still playing without getting bored A very nice game !!
  2. zenmai

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    Request for duplication mode I want you to implement a dedicated tab for banners and mechanisms
  3. zenmai

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    1:Which biome would you like to live in the world of terraria? 2:Which boss monster would you like to eat? 3:What is your favorite building material?
  4. zenmai

    a Happy new year

    Wish you a good year Also ..... Congratulations on Top sellers & most simultaneous players:passionate:
  5. zenmai

    Beta Tester Application

    I see! 1.3.6 seems to be a big update so I'm looking forward to it:passionate:
  6. zenmai

    Beta Tester Application

    Is it a test of 1.3.6?
  7. zenmai

    PC 'The Shattered House'

    Spider's nest gives a good atmosphere:passionate:
  8. zenmai

    A certain hero's house

  9. zenmai

    1.3.6 Background Preview

    I'd like to fight against the huge bone of background
  10. zenmai

    1.3.6 Background Preview

    I hope the update will come later this month:passionate:
  11. zenmai

    1.3.6 Background Preview

    I can not wait for the update
  12. zenmai


    I want Martian's NPC:indifferent:
  13. zenmai


    Let's be careful about the accident:confused:
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