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Recent content by Zippy02

  1. Zippy02

    TerraCraft - A fangame of Terraria and Minecraft

    Can you make it mobile?
  2. Zippy02

    Favorite boss song?

    Plantera with the heavy metal music
  3. Zippy02

    Mobile Duke fishron.

  4. Zippy02

    Mobile question.

    I have heard tmodloader is coming to mobile.
  5. Zippy02

    Who is your favorite boss?

    Lepus was the best for a fact. I liked it when he duplicated himself and his other cool unique attacks. His art was also pretty good.
  6. Zippy02

    Class Ranking

    1. Melee 2. Ranged 3. Summoner 4. Mage
  7. Zippy02

    What class should I choose?

    If you're new to the game I would recommend using melee. However I recommend you change classes at different stages of the game: Start of game: Melee or Throwing: Swords and Shurikens Post-Worm: Melee or Ranged: Flails and Minishark WoF: Melee or Summoner: Beenades and Imp Staff Hardmode...
  8. Zippy02

    What's next for re-logic?

    They were going to make another game, that isn't a terraria project. Does anyone have any ideas on what they next game is?
  9. Zippy02

    Question + Question for the makers of this game.

    If I owned the game I would re-add lepus and turkor as well as the other 3DS exclusive features.
  10. Zippy02

    A question

    I don't think so. The painting and the tarot card look different to me.
  11. Zippy02

    What're your favourite Master Mode exclusive items?

    Pet: Plantera Seedling Light Pet: Fairy Princess Mount: Santank
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