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    PC Grinding bosses & minibosses in mastermode is not fun

    You may really had bad luck. I killed 14 golems in master mode and got every item he drops (including 3 eyes of golem and 2 sunstone) except the earth staff
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    What's your 1.4 order for killing bosses/events?

    In my master mode run I did the following order yet: 1. Eye of Cthulhu (the typical start) 2. Queen Bee (for Bee Gear because I struggled with the Brain) 3. Brain of Cthulhu (progression and Crimson Armor) 4. King Slime (for fun) 5. Goblin Invasion (for reforging) 6. Skeletron (progression) 7...
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    Thoughts on the new Brain Of Confusion

    Trying to fight the mechanical bosses in master mode I run in some problems regarding survivability. The warding build may just not be the way to go in master mode. Now I'm thinking about the new Brain of Confusion because I saw that Pedguin used it in his hardcore master mode run. Did somebody...
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    does anyone have any tips for master mode wof?

    I totally crushed WoF only with the bee gear paired with crimson armor and a long hell bridge. Bee Gun when I have mana around and Bee's Knees the rest of the time. Even if the bee gear got nerfed it's still stunningly great in pre-hardmode.
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    Was liquid duplication via pump circulation patched with 1.4?

    I would give a try to use the Jungle Ocean Farm. Before explaining it further I'll post a video of it if anyone doesn't know it. The real downside to this method is the 2 super rare items - Slime Staff & Lucky Coin - which are required for this method.
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    I did a warding build in my master mode run, too, until early hardmode. I'm feeling the same thing, that the defense maybe isn't just worth it because you'll take more than enough damage one way or another. So going full glass cannon with menacing alongside practicing dodging skill may be the...
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    Well, this will be a technical thing. You would either make the grid double the size with half-sized blocks or the thing you want to put on would float in the air. The time to respawn remained the same, didn't it? It's just an information how long it will be, but the time should be the same...
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    Cool Easter Egg That I Haven't Seen Anyone Point Out

    I saw it mentioned before but it's really a cool easteregg
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    If you can't enjoy what the game is all about - gear progression, mining, boss fights - than I think you're at the wrong game. :) But you can still take it easy with journey mode.
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    Honestly what´s up with the world gen ??

    Two things you mentioned, deserts and living trees, changed a little bit. Living Trees are now somewhat more of a mini biome where it's pretty common of multiple living trees next to each other, no matter the world size. Regarding deserts there is still the one main desert (but the underground...
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    Creative (almost) Charicter for you to download

    I'm pretty sure the researched items are bound to the world rather than to the character. So if your intention was to give out a character that had researched everything I think it won't work. Have you tested your file yourself on a different, e.g. new journey world? Or did I misunderstand you?
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    PC Terraria is broken badly. And this can be used to make very powerfull cheats.

    Then I guess you should follow the link I posted above and fill in a bug report describing the way you did it.
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    PC Terraria is broken badly. And this can be used to make very powerfull cheats.

    I'm pretty sure they do. Nearly 99% of all games without competitive multiplayer can be cheated on very easily with zero effort. That's not even a challenge or something special. For Terrarias multiplayer, I know there is a server option when using a dedicated server to add additional cheat...
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    PC Terraria is broken badly. And this can be used to make very powerfull cheats.

    I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. Did you find some bugs or exploits? Or did you just straight up cheat with third party programs? Regarding reporting this whatever it may me, follow the link down below to a sub forum dedicated for 1.4 Bug Reports...
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    Has anyone done this yet as far as creating a "guide" to the NPC's..

    In addition to the guide above I found this example setup that I use for myself.
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