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Happy Thanksgiving, Terrarians!

Just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, Terraria for PC is taking part in the Steam Autumn Sale. From now until December 2nd, you can get a single or 4-pack of Terraria for 70% off of the normal price of $9.99. That means you can grab a copy for yourself or someone else for whom you are thankful at the low price of $2.99 (4-pack for $8.99).

Click the logo below to head over to the Terraria Steam page.


Again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The entire ReLogic team is sincerely thankful for each of you and your continued support.
Good Evening Terrarians!

Below you will find a video that shows off a new furniture type, new mechanics, and some fun new toys...Hope you enjoy!

As many of you know we have been digging through community suggestions recently to see what we would like to implement into the game. Unfortunately we do not have the time or manpower to add everything but there have been several things that were easy to add that really stood out. Below I will link you to the threads that we will be adding or have already added to the game. These suggestions are not all added as they are listed as we have tweaked some things and left other things out.

Pink Gel by Ilmarinen
Quick Loot by Szgamer227
Flask of Frost and Frost Bullets by BaconFry
Grappling Hook Equip Slot by Szgamer227 and FruitBat
Mouse Over Signs to Read Text by Miffta
Summoner Prefixes by BaconFry
Fishing Pole Modifiers by Stormconure
Staff of Regrowth Changes by zimberzimber
Good afternoon Terrarians!

We know that Terraria fans everywhere have been eagerly watching and anticipating any morsels of information around Terraria 1.3….or what Re-Logic’s next project “beyond Terraria” could be.

Well, that will be revealed in all due time – but, for now, we leave you with a little “something" we’ve been cooking up in direct collaboration with our friends at Engine Software. This is a brand new project and not related to anything we have mentioned in the past. :)

Quite revealing, we think. Watch this space carefully – you never know what we might have in store next!

Hey there, Terrarians!

We certainly hope you enjoyed this year’s Halloween Contest as much as we did! Just like with last year’s pumpkins and costumes, the in-game builds for this year really showcase the level of creativity and dedication our community has to Terraria! With over 200 entries, this year’s contest was a smashing success! We absolutely love Halloween, and we hope to make our annual contest something everyone looks forward to each year.

If you haven't checked out all of the entries yet, you really should do so in the Entry Thread.

So, without further ado, we would like to present this year’s winners! As a reminder, we are selecting a winner and runner-up for each of our three core Terraria platforms: PC, Console, and Mobile. We will also be listing some honorable mentions as well as the winners of our contest participant random drawing. Of course, everyone that entered should have already received their “Headless Horseman” trophy/title,

Prizes for the winners – and participants – are listed in the spoiler below.
First Prize/Winner (in each Category)
  • Your name (or an alternate name) added to the list of NPC names in Terraria!
  • A copy of the Terraria: Collector's Edition, signed by Redigit himself
  • A 2015 Terraria Calendar
  • A special Halloween Contest winner trophy/title on TCF
Runner-Up/Second Place (in each Category)
  • A signed copy of the Terraria Collector's Edition
  • A 2015 Terraria Calendar
  • The Halloween Contest winner trophy/title
In addition,...
Good day everyone!

As you know, Terraria for both PS4 and Xbox One launched this week - we certainly hope everyone with a next gen console will take part and enjoy Terraria on these new platforms. In recognition of these launches, we created the brand new trailer below - enjoy!

For further details, check out our previous launch date confirmation post HERE.

Thanks for your support in welcoming Console Terraria to the Next Generation!
[​IMG] image.jpg

Good afternoon everyone!

We hope all of you console folks are excited for the PS4 (yesterday) and XB1 (tomorrow) launches this week - we always love seeing the access to Terraria expand! We have a bit of PC-related sales news for that side of the community as well. It's not a spoiler this time, but it is another chance to get your hands on the recently-launched DRM-Free version of Terraria on GOG.com!

GOG is running a Fall Sale across hundreds of games, and Terraria is gladly taking part. From now until November 25th, Terraria is selling on GOG at 50% off of the usual price of $9.99. That means you can head over there and pick up your very own DRM-free copy for the low price of $4.99! Just follow the link below to get started!

More information about the overall sale can be found at GOG.com and via their news announcement - both linked below.

We always enjoy making Terraria more accessible via sales like these, and we certainly hope you all take advantage of them!

Stay tuned as always for further updates around promotions, spoilers, contests, and more!
Terraria Cover Small.jpg

Happy Thursday evening everyone!

We certainly hope that our Mobile Terrarians have been enjoying the feast of Thanksgiving content that arrived yesterday - we don't know about you, but Turkor still haunts our dreams! That said, we certainly don't want our Console fans to think that we have forgotten about them.

So, without further ado, we would like to announce that the official launch dates for Terraria on the Next Gen consoles will be next week!

PS4 Logo.jpg
Terraria for Playstation 4 will launch on Tuesday, November 11th

Xbone Logo.jpg
Terraria for Xbox One will launch on Friday, November 14th
We apologize for the few-day gap between the two launches, but we didn't want to hold up either side from getting access to Terraria as quickly as possible. Terraria on PS4/Xbox One will be aligned to the current versions available on PS3/Xbox 360.

Additionally, we have added new cross play functionality to all versions of Terrarian on the Playstation platform. That means that players on the PS4 version can interact with players on the PS3 and Playstation Vita versions - choosing to either battle against or team up with the wider PSN community. We are also working very hard on cross-save compatibility for Xbox One - Xbox 360, but this will not be ready in time for the launch next week. We will keep you up-to-date on any progress made there.

To further get everyone hyped up, here are some screens followed with a few details that we suspect the community will be interested in.

NextGen Small.jpg Console Image 2.jpg
TERRARIA_NextGen_Screen_03.png TERRARIA_NextGen_Screen_01.png

Details on the Next Generation Console Launch
  • The Xbox One and PS4 editions will utilize the...
Good afternoon, Terrarians!

As you may recall, we have hinted at a series of Terraria-based toys being in-development for a while within the Terraria Animated Series. Just in time for the Holiday Season, we would like to announce that the first wave of these toys will be available starting next week - and provide everyone with some further details around what we will have to offer as well as when and where you can buy them. First off, we’d like to share some thoughts from Redigit as well as Jazwares.

“We’ve listened to our fans and are excited to be working with Jazwares Inc. to bring them these Terraria products in the fall. Soon everyone will be able to collect all their favourite characters from the Terraria biomes,” said Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, President, Re-Logic and Creator of Terraria.

“We are excited to be partnering with Re-Logic to launch the Terraria toy line. Our goal is to engage and connect with gamers and teens to bring them their favourite virtual characters from the Terrarian world,” said Laura Zebersky, EVP of Global Sales and Licensing, Jazwares Inc.”

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all that is currently available or coming soon. We will be adding to this page moving forward (we will let the Community know as we do) as new items become available. All of the available toys shown below can be purchased in Toys R’ Us stores and on Amazon (other locations may be added over time, and we will list these as they come on line) or by clicking any of the images in each toy section below – which will take you directly to an online store page for purchase. (NOTE: this feature is not currently active, but will be added ASAP)

Updated November 19, 2014: the spoiler below will contain an evolving list of know stores that will be carrying the Terraria toys!
[spoiler=Terraria Toy...

Good afternoon, everyone!

As we noted in our earlier Pre-Thanksgiving update preview, we are poised to deliver an awesome Thanksgiving-themed update for our Mobile Terrarians. We know people have been justifiably excited about this and have desired a specific launch date. Well, we wanted to take a quick minute to answer those requests with that launch date: this Thursday, November 6th!

Here is a quick teaser description of what is coming as well as a screen shot of the Thanksgiving boss, Turkor the Ungrateful (in case you missed it earlier this week).


In the spirit of Thanksgiving this holiday season, we’re unleashing the terrifying Turkor the Ungrateful turkey boss for players to battle in Terraria. Turkor is ready to turn the tables and make you the main dish during this festive celebration. This incredible cornucopia of new game content is available for a limited time only – until Nov 30th. The Thanksgiving update will launch on Thu, Nov 6th (on App Store, Google Play and Amazon).

Along with our mobile Terraria developers, CodeGlue, we sincerely hope our Mobile Terrarians enjoy this Thanksgiving update, and we look forward to bringing you even more news on the console and mobile Terraria fronts in the weeks and months to come!