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Good afternoon, everyone!

As we noted in our earlier Pre-Thanksgiving update preview, we are poised to deliver an awesome Thanksgiving-themed update for our Mobile Terrarians. We know people have been justifiably excited about this and have desired a specific launch date. Well, we wanted to take a quick minute to answer those requests with that launch date: this Thursday, November 6th!

Here is a quick teaser description of what is coming as well as a screen shot of the Thanksgiving boss, Turkor the Ungrateful (in case you missed it earlier this week).


In the spirit of Thanksgiving this holiday season, we’re unleashing the terrifying Turkor the Ungrateful turkey boss for players to battle in Terraria. Turkor is ready to turn the tables and make you the main dish during this festive celebration. This incredible cornucopia of new game content is available for a limited time only – until Nov 30th. The Thanksgiving update will launch on Thu, Nov 6th (on App Store, Google Play and Amazon).

Along with our mobile Terraria developers, CodeGlue, we sincerely hope our Mobile Terrarians enjoy this Thanksgiving update, and we look forward to bringing you even more news on the console and mobile Terraria fronts in the weeks and months to come!
We're back in black!
Ladies, gentlemen, [Insert category of people here], welcome to our first Creation Compendium of the Terraria.org Forums!
Before we get to our amazing creations from the community, we'll go over a few, important things:

1. Entries for the next CC will go on user Darthmorf's account. He will host CC#20.
2. To enter into CC, simply upload your image onto an image hosting site (Or a video hosting site if your creation is of that variety), and then post it's link onto the CC host's profile.
3. There are no themes due to AyeAye12's wishes, so go nuts!
4. CC entries will be taken in until next month.

Now, without further ado, our creations for this month!
Yaster Goodman


Luke Oliveem







Good evening Members of TCF!

Happy one month anniversary! What an exciting month it has been - with over 10,000 members and nearing 100,000 posts, it's clear that TCF has started off strongly!

We have made a handful of enhancements and upgrades to TCF this afternoon - thank you all once again for your patience during the upgrade process. As this is more comprehensive than the usual Changelog, I am sharing this via a standalone post. If you have questions, please share them here or via a PM/Profile post to me.

First of all, we have updated to the latest Xenforo, which will enhance stability and fix some bugs. In addition, we have added a handful of behind-the-scenes features that will enhance the TCF experience in ways that will be visible - though some will not be readily visible. This includes some additional SpamBot protection layers and staff tools.

While we were at it, we took the time to add some new member functionality, which is outlined below.

Upgrades to Conversation System
We have made some subtle, yet handy enhancements to the PM/Conversation system. These represent a few things requested by the community coupled with some additional functionality. A brief summary:
  • You can now see which members are actively participating in a conversation - and when they last viewed the conversation. Members that have left the conversation will have their names crossed out along with a big X next to their name.
  • Conversation Starters have the option to Kick other members from Conversations. From time to time, we have heard this as a need from the community. Please note that if this ability starts to be abused, it will be removed from the individuals doing so - along with possible additional account action. If it is abused in a widespread manner, it will be limited to Forum Staff completely.
PM Participants.PNG

  • TCF now supports...
Autumn Logo.png

Good evening Terrarians!

We know you are eagerly anticipating Halloween next week - as evidenced by some of those fantastic Halloween contest creations we have been seeing across all three versions of Terraria - but we wanted to take a few moments to share some tidbits of information around upcoming Console and Mobile Terraria events. First up, we have the Mobile Thanksgiving Update:

A Mobile Terraria Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is here!
If you search well, you might find yourself a new little friend...but beware not to stuff his face too much, for once he turns up his nose, there is no going back!
- The Merchant just received a shipment of Turkey feathers, which can be used to spawn your very own Turkey pet
- Be careful of the Cursed Stuffing - and whatever you do, keep it away from your Turkey lest you awaken Turkor the Ungrateful!
- Though if you are brave enough to engage and defeat Turkor, you will obtain the Horn of Plenty - a bottomless regular healing potion

In addition, we are adding a handful of fixes and tweaks. These include:
·Water Candle now works even if you're not holding it.
·Now holding the buy button will keep on buying until you let go of the screen. (Same as crafting)
·If you reached maximum health of 400 HP (10 golden hearts) the game increases difficulty, mainly higher spawn chance & more mobs.
·Wraith AI had a bug where it was stuck flying on a certain height - this has been fixe

Good afternoon everyone! Apologies for the delay in providing any news, but we wanted to be sure we had a solid answer before handing out any additional information.

Along those lines, we have great news: the Thanksgiving update has been approved by both Apple and Amazon! This means that you can expect to see the update ready for download later this week for iOS/Amazon/Google...
Good day Terrarians!

Coming with the 1.3 update, we are introducing brand new liquid mechanics that are more smooth and natural-looking than the previous "blocky" liquids in Terraria.This pair of videos show a "before and after" to showcase these fantastic changes!

The new water does not adversely affect performance nor will it result in the removal of the ever-popular "water duping" bug.

Before Video:

After Video:

Official Dig Deeper!
We stumbled upon this recently and felt the need to share it with you so enjoy!

Ladies, gentlemen, creative people of all ages!

Creation Compendium's temporary hiatus has been lifted and we are now taking in entries.

Entry Submission deadlines:
Creation Compendiums will be posted on the first week of the month. After this first week, you have the next three weeks in the month to enter into CC. The only exception to this rule will be on the first CC, which is the November CC. Entries are taken in starting today, and will continue until the first week of November.

How to submit an entry:
1. Upload your creation through an image hosting site (Such as Imgur) or on a video hosting site (Like Youtube) if your creation is a recording.
2. Copy the link to your now posted creation.
3. Paste the link as a profile post on that month's CC host's profile.

The CC Host system:
Creation Compendium is a bit of a large thing to run, and as a result, we have two hosts for it. That is me, QuackersDelta, and Darthmorf, who was generous enough to give his time to help with Creation Compendium. We will switch monthly, so the schedule will be like this:
Month 1: QuackersDelta
Month 2: Darthmorf
Month 3: QuackersDelta
Month 4: Darthmorf
And so on, and so forth.
Of course, Darth and I aren't going to be copying each other 100%, so expect our Creation Compendiums to be slightly different in looks. In terms of how it works, however, CC will work exactly the same, no matter who the host is. This includes the entry system. Just be sure to know who's profile you should post them on. (This will be noted in the Creation Compendium post. ex. "Please post on _____'s profile for this month if you'd like to enter for CC.")

Final Notes:
Creation Compendiums on this forums will not include themes, due to AyeAye12's request not to.
Besides that, CC will work exactly as it did before.
Remember that Creation Compendium is not a contest, it is a showcase of...​
Good day Terrarians!

As many of you know we just hit item 3,000 for the upcoming 1.3 PC update! At this time we still do not have an expected release date but I will tell you a little bit about what we are working on...

Item 3,000:
The Alchemy Table. When you craft potions at the Alchemy table each item in the recipe has a 1 in 3 chance to not be consumed. This item is new and still being tested so it is subject to change.

Red's new secret project:
Red has been working on a new game mode currently being called "Expert Mode". In expert mode the games difficulty has been greatly increased. Players will face old monsters with new ai, bosses with new ai and mechanics, and much more with greater rewards for their efforts.

Release Date:

Many of you have been asking when the update will be released. Simple put...When it is done. I do not want to give the team an imaginary release date to strive for to add unnecessary stress to the job. We want this update to be amazing and feel 100% complete and for those reasons we are going to take our time.

Beta Testers:
Thank you to everyone who expressed interests in being beta testers, you guys are awesome and we appreciate your passion for the game. At this time we are full on testers, in the event that I feel we need more I will be contacting those of you who have already submitted your requests. My apologies for not being able to respond to everyone...my inbox/email is a bit out of control right now.
Black HC Logo.png

A chill is in the air…Pumpkings are stirring…don’t look now, Terrarians, but something is creeping up on you! No, it’s not a Zombie or Blood Crawler….it’s the Second Annual Re-Logic Halloween Contest!


Our inaugural contest from last year was a smashing success, with pumpkin carving and costune entries that quite frankly blew our minds – and expectations – away! You can check out last year’s Pumpkin entries on the Terraria.org Media page. It is with great anticipation, therefore, that we announce this year’s contest.

For this year, we decided that with all of the additional in-game building tools now available across the Terraria universe (PC/Console/Mobile) due to various updates, the contest will focus on in-game builds. We hope this will be more accessible and thus pull in Terrarians from across the player base.

Without further ado, here are the specifics of this year’s Halloween Contest:

Halloween-Inspired Creations – Pumpkins, Haunted Houses, Scary Movies, Monsters, and Beyond
In-Game builds across all platforms of Terraria
Categories & Prizes
We will have three categories – each with its own set of winners – aligned to the three core platforms of Terraria: PC, Console, and Mobile.

First Prize/Winner (in each Category)
  • Your name (or an alternate name) added to the list of NPC names in Terraria!
  • A copy of the Terraria: Collector's Edition, signed by Redigit himself
  • A 2015 Terraria Calendar
  • A special...
Good morning Terrarians!


Today, we are excited to announce that Terraria is now available on GOG!




For those that are unaware, GOG is an online game & movie distribution service. Games purchased via GOG are DRM-free, making this offering the first online DRM-free version of PC Terraria made available.

Terraria on GOG will sell for the usual price of $9.99, which will buy you the game as well as both volumes of the Official Terraria Soundtrack!

In honor of the GOG launch, however, Terraria on GOG is currently on sale for $2.50 - a savings of 75%! This sale will run for the first four days.. The launch sale is now over, Terraria remains available on GOG for the normal price of $9.99.

So, if you don't currently own a copy of PC Terraria - or you've always wanted a DRM-free version - this is your chance to take advantage of an awesome deal!

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing to bring awesome news and content to the community in the months to come!