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Comments on Profile Post by Fortanono

  1. WilliamD
    I wish you luck :)
    Aug 24, 2015
  2. CraftedNightmare Here!
    CraftedNightmare Here!
    Sounds pretty interesting! If you need sprites or balances, I can help
    Aug 24, 2015
  3. Fortanono
    Once I get the thread up, I'll ask you for some sprites.
    Aug 24, 2015
  4. Darkest Gaia
    Darkest Gaia
    I'd be willing to help, if you still need it.
    Aug 25, 2015
  5. Fortanono
    I'll PM you the basics.
    Aug 26, 2015
  6. Brick Creeper
    Brick Creeper
    I'm getting a lot better at spriting. I could give assistance if you'd like.
    Feb 4, 2016