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Comments on Profile Post by BlueMagmaGG

  1. The Ice Cube
    The Ice Cube
    if i had to guess i'd say a good camera does the trick
    Sep 21, 2017
  2. hypa!【=◈︿◈=】
    I didn't, @Samrux made it for me a while back.
    Sep 21, 2017
  3. Samrux
    Well, you set the quality to high, do maximum/minimum zoom, and set the time to noon with the console in multiplayer. Then you take a screenshot, which will be both pixel-perfect and in good lighting. Then you remove the background and crop it in an image editor.
    Oct 7, 2017
  4. BlueMagmaGG
    yeah but my image editor when i move it or do anything with it! it will just make it blurry! paint.net is what i use. could you suggest me a good free one for making thumbnails and profile pictures?
    Oct 7, 2017
  5. Samrux
    Paint.Net doesn't change the image's quality unless you save it as JPEG. Save it as PNG. Make sure the screenshot *is* pixel-perfect to begin with; I don't know if Steam's screenshots are, I use PrtScr if possible.
    Oct 12, 2017