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Comments on Profile Post by Kingslime2000

  1. Eli10293
    This reminds me of when people were asking for there to be official Calamity mod lore when the official lore post came out. Calamity is entirely different from the base game as it is. That is why it belongs separate as a mod.
    Jul 20, 2019
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  2. Phoenix798
    Console players Would have access to supreme calamitas if there was an option for tmodloader on console. But I did hear some thing about having an in game way to install mods coming in 1.4
    Jul 20, 2019
  3. Aurora3500
    They have expressed interest in official mod support before, but it is not guaranteed to be coming out for 1.4.
    Jul 20, 2019
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  4. Kingslime2000
    Phoenix I hope that's true and it will happen else it's unfair on console players, plus Sony can't stop them from adding in game mod support with no downloads can they. If they do I hope it works like tmodloader.
    Jul 20, 2019