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Comments on Profile Post by Jetstream ∞

  1. Jetstream ∞
    Jetstream ∞
    [​IMG] Overall I think it turned out extremely well. The LED base is from PDP's Dock Shield product. Yes, I'm DEFINITELY gonna have to laser out a Terraria themed one... soon.
    Aug 1, 2019
  2. Guzzlord
    The GameCube logo looks really good!
    Aug 1, 2019
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  3. Jetstream ∞
    Jetstream ∞
    @JoJo_Guzzlord Thank you! I was torn between the N64 logo and the GameCube logo for the longest time
    Aug 1, 2019
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  4. TTSp00k the Invincible
    TTSp00k the Invincible
    This? This is some cool :red:.
    Aug 2, 2019
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