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Sin Costan
Sin Costan
Can you send me your code through conversation?
my problem isnt that anymore its that my items arent showing in crafting menu heres my code

"displayName": "Soul Of Gems",
"texture": "Items/SoulOfGem",
"maxStack": 99,
"value": [0,0,1,0],
"rare": 1,
"toolTip": "A Soul Made Out Of Gems",

"items": { "Dirt Block": 1 },
"tiles": [ "Work Bench" ],
"creates": 1
Sin Costan
Sin Costan
Well, you don't really need the "texture", as it's already handled if you have the item's texture file the same name as the item, for example "SoulOfGems.json" with "SoulOfGems.png". For the most part, it seems that your code is fine.
so how do i fix it?
Sin Costan
Sin Costan
I just noticed a mistake actually, it's supposed to be "tooltip", not "toolTip".
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