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  1. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    how is this place still alive lol
  2. Pirtz

    Pixel Art World's Biggest Sprites (not actually big)

    Uh, no, the advice above is actually awful. Keep trying to make the sprites that are actually difficult instead of sticking to a confort zone or you'll never improve. There's plenty of good pixel art to reverse engineer until yours works.
  3. Pirtz

    Marsh is trying pixels

    It's 100% legal and ethical mate, it's not like some guy can randomly claim they own a color or a certain way of outlining your stuff lol. If you find an artist you like, you at least have an idea of what you'd consider a good sprite. Besides, I'm pretty sure no one will care how much you copy...
  4. Pirtz

    Marsh is trying pixels

    Commission only means you're only selling pixel art to people who give you money to make said pixel art. Like, if you're trying to learn how to make pixel art it's an ambitious status but risks being counter productive. You should try to copy other people's styles and try to make new stuff from...
  5. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    Man, Duelyst degraded so much... (the part I made is the poorly shaded one after the circle thing disappears)
  6. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    Forgot I could post here as well.
  7. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    Hey dude! Could you do my profile picture? This is another thing I haven't finished, and the character design is rather simple, but might give more info about it. Love your sprites, glad you're still doing them!
  8. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    alright, i'll go back in my slumber
  9. Pirtz

    Scarecrow's Art

    I'd like to request my avatar. I don't have a pose for the character in it, sorry. He has a cursed sword with colors similar to the shadows and lights in the eyes, in the gif.
  10. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    I tried a little effect there, some sort of muscle flex, failed with that.
  11. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    More duelyst stuff...
  12. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    Thanks! I always disliked outlines, and duelyst provides some of the best outlineless pixelarts.
  13. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    Another Duelyst character.
  14. Pirtz

    My profile picture

    The legs are disproportionate, the right leg should be a bit longer and the plasma waves could be reworked on, you could add particles and a bit of dithering to make it better. You pretty much nailed the background. Also, the shading on the character is a bit off and the colors should have a bit...
  15. Pirtz

    Drawings & Paintings M4D's Workshop

    Yo, I like your drawings and I think I could be helpful on the animating side. I think it's a mistake to animate mathematically, but more like keypose by keypose, with varying speed for each movement. There's a very cool video series on youtube which helped me a lot concerning the 21 principles...
  16. Pirtz

    Szaila's Art Show Off

    Hey, that's a cool idea! Hit me up if you want to art trade with me as well, I'll draw whatever you ask and you draw whatever you want because I don't exactly have characters I'd really want a drawing of... Although I only do pixel art, I could make an animation in pixel art of what you request.
  17. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    Did a sprite in Duelyst style: Some combination of several golems. Sorry for anyone who requested, I've closed requests.
  18. Pirtz

    Our Old Art vs. New Art

    This is a cool thread...
  19. Pirtz

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    Schodinger's requests...
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