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  1. Nimta

    Other Community Suggestion Thread: A Compilation of Suggestions

    Crimson armour's set bonus takes all your armour slots and gives you about as much regeneration as a band of regen, on average. The more you get hit, the more you move, the less it helps you, to the point where it is in fact essentially worthless. since when were hard numbers opinions? Night's...
  2. Nimta

    Other Community Suggestion Thread: A Compilation of Suggestions

    I dunno about you, but I sure don't feel the need to make full sets of armour until hardmode, except molten but that's just because I like the way it looks with my texture packs. Having actually interesting set bonuses a la Shadow Armour would change that and make the game more interesting...
  3. Nimta

    Other A Way to Disable the SFX of Announcement Box Messages

    It'd actually be really nice to extend this to all chat messages. Sure, the audible tick when a couple real messages arrive is nice, but when you're on a large server, or if you're using debug commands while developing a mod, hearing a tick *every frame* is ridiculously annoying, and sometimes...
  4. Nimta

    Other Loadouts change

    I hate having to obtain multiple sets of flame wings in order to have my vanity on multiple sets, so this would be great
  5. Nimta

    Weapons & Equip Some tinkers I wish were in Terraria <3

    Ah yes, let me just equip everything at once and destroy the very concept of build variety. I like the Warlock's Ring, everything else is obscene... though some summoner combinations would still be nice, just not these specific ones.
  6. Nimta

    Game Mechanics The Skyblock Seed. Mapmaker's Thoughts.

    honestly I think it's more interesting as a challenge or such if your options are very limited. it's not very fun when things are technically possible but are more tedious (lookin at YOU terra caelum, and all your fishing)
  7. Nimta

    If anything Duke is still too easy to kill. Attacks are most consistent of any boss; you only...

    If anything Duke is still too easy to kill. Attacks are most consistent of any boss; you only need pattern memorized and ok movement setup to kill him, no matter DPS. What he needs is to be tougher, or to be less rewarding early (don't remove drops, make them weaker until later milestones)...
  8. Nimta

    Texture Pack Obsidian Bricks Re-Painted

    Can you update this for and put it on the steam workshop? It's really cool but the old version of the pack makes all newer furniture items mostly or completely invisible
  9. Nimta

    Texture Pack Realistic Weapons and Tools

    If you have enough melee speed, then zenith becomes the only projectile it fires. Fun!
  10. Nimta

    **REPORTED** Golem glitch

    This bug happens the first time you summon golem in any given instance of Terraria, and ONLY the first time. Weird.
  11. Nimta

    Console Whip Bugs

    Whips do not carry flask effects until 1.4.1. This is not a bug.
  12. Nimta

    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    this mans actually just a troll. there's no way that someone could simultaneously be so prideful of their elitist skill level and yet still claim that all of everything underground is completely unavoidable and that there are no tactics to avoiding danger and death to bats and lava and traps is...
  13. Nimta

    NUMEROUS early Hardmode weapons tested against the Destroyer

    Have you tried Hellfire arrows at all? With the high base damage and decent splash radius, there's a good chance it could do better than unholy at least on some weapons, albeit with a lot more inconsistency. I'd also like to see an attempt at making the pirate staff work, if you can. I remember...
  14. Nimta

    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Wait, isn't the pirate staff good at killing the destroyer if you fight it on solid ground? I seem to recall it being surprisingly effective in this way back in late 1.2 and early 1.3. Not that it would be worth obtaining anyway, but doesn't it at least have this specific case in case you get lucky?
  15. Nimta

    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Fishing is booooooring to a lot of us. Some people don't even take the time to learn it properly. I don't know where SGM is in this cycle. Well, it really does become about using the ranged weapon moreso than the summons the way you implemented it. The whole point of this is how good summoner...
  16. Nimta

    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Xeno staff is better... until you go out of its very short attacking range and then they just. stop. working. until you stand still for like five seconds. Not exactly the best in a real combat situation, especially against EOL which is its next most important use-case in the current times, after...
  17. Nimta

    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    I think it's pretty fair to say that the sentries aren't too worthwhile to evaluate, though I must add pure summoner in 1.4.0.X was greatly aided by the Ballista Rod for Wall of Flesh specifically, though that could be because the meta hadn't developed enough at the time to allow whip stacking...
  18. Nimta

    **REPORTED** Defense penetration weapons dealing more damage than they are supposed to.

    Consider that the Blade staff is a Queen Slime drop now, at only a 1/4-1/3 chance, vs 1/2-1/1 from a miniboss that can be nearly perfectly cheesed for Sanguine. Sanguine has been easier to obtain for quite some time, and has been kept in check by the better item.
  19. Nimta

    Texture Pack Realistic Weapons and Tools

    I dunno man. All I know is that I had to cut down the canvas of or else remove those items specifically for them to work. I run 1.4.1 on Linux, and as far as I'm aware texture packing is not availible for non-PC versions of the game.
  20. Nimta

    Texture Pack Realistic Weapons and Tools

    It seems like you still have sprites that are sized larger than their vanilla counterparts, which at least for Terraria texturepacking, makes that resprite or the whole pack non-functional, if you were not aware, depending on the version and platform of the game. It's a shame really, since most...
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