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  1. Wardo

    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

    Easily one of the best mods ever made for Terraria. The way all those banter and functions are implemented, does make the whole world more interactive and alive. The Weapon mechanics + Stellar Array is unmatched on this scale and the boss mechanics are a class on its own. Highly recommended
  2. Wardo

    Pixel Art [Continuous Updating] Many self-made items, weapons, enemies, bosses and so on

    Outstanding work! Love how the color palettes harmonize in just about anything you posted here. Maybe get in touch with some mod authors - i bet some would love to utilize your stuff.
  3. Wardo

    2023 Terraria Holiday Shopping Guide

    I demand the Terraria SNES Version you got there
  4. Wardo

    Map-Adventure Tales of Terraria

    Yea, (almost) all bosses trigger completely on it's own while you progress on certain points.
  5. Wardo

    Terraria Halloween Contest - 2023

    I couldnt find any time to defend my title from the last year. Too much work and RPG's released the last couple month. Anyways, i wish you people best of luck and iam more than excited to see what you dudes and dudettes come up with! :merchanttongue:
  6. Wardo

    Terraria Halloween Contest - 2023

    Buckle up! I'll join to defend my Title! I wish everyone best of luck and excited to see what the community comes up with!
  7. Wardo

    Map-Adventure Tales of Terraria

    It's still going and taking much more time than i thought. Old PC's PSU unfortunately blew up all along with my old mainboard and CPU. New parts just arrived and and can continue. Tho, it's on hold for a little because of many great RPG's such as BG3, Starfield and Cyberpunk want to be played...
  8. Wardo

    Terraria State of the Game - September 2023

    Incredibly good move towards some smaller Engine Studios. Big thumbs up for standing up!
  9. Wardo

    Builds Hogwarts! A Starter base and adventure map. (+Download)

    Shame on me... I accidently uploaded the wip instead of the finished map. It's fixed now and the finished map (without floating stuff) is now correctly uploaded
  10. Wardo

    Video 5 Quick Builds to improve your base in no time

    I'll consider adding music in the background. Was something where i was unsure about. Thanks for the feedback! <3
  11. Wardo

    Video 5 Quick Builds to improve your base in no time

    Have fun watching! Feedback highly aprecciated since its my first 'real' edit with voice and a bit more in depth. :passionate:
  12. Wardo

    Builds Hogwarts! A Starter base and adventure map. (+Download)

    Welcome to Hogwarts! A Starter base and adventure map in Terraria. Hogwarts is a map designed for a twist on the early game. Explore the mysteries of Hogwarts, fight foes in the basement and seek for unique loot. Tired of dirt shacks? Hogwarts get's you covered as a starter base and...
  13. Wardo

    Builds Ultimate builds album

    Welcome to the forums! Or, well, welcome to your showcase here! :P Great builds that deserve a push. :merchantwink:
  14. Wardo

    Builds Need help with stained glass windows

    This is a post from 2016. Just saying. :merchantgrin:
  15. Wardo

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2023

    :merchanteek: Can't wait to play it!
  16. Wardo

    Builds Wardo's Creations

    Some quick and dirty 2D interior work (Hogwarts inside)
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