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    I'm worried that my jungle biome is going to die when my world goes to hardmode

    With a just-before-hardmode pickaxe, and a mining potion, it's pretty simple to just go to the middle of your jungle past where you know the ancient spirits stripe will show up, and dig a 4 block wide Hellevator through it. Seal off the top so grass can't grow there (thorns can bridge a 5 block...
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    PC What do you think was the hardest pillar of the 4 Celestial Pillars in the Lunar Event?

    It was Solar until I got a full set of banners put up at each of the 4 pillar spawn points. Because all of the Solar enemies attack with themselves (except for the projectiles that can be shot down and are thus not much of a threat), their damage is affected by a banner. Now by far the worst is...
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    PC I have finished a worthy base!

    The reason there's no mass construction option is that it would be useful for a lot more than just base construction. Mass construction in the Underworld would cause all kinds of stickyness when dealing with lava coming off of freshly mined hellstone, just as one example.
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    Moar ways to farm bait efficiently??

    I'm not responsible for you being wrong. I've done it. I left the game running for about 2 hours while I did something else and came back to some 300 grasshoppers and 100 worms. A couple of percentage points of fishing power doesn't matter at all.
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    Moar ways to farm bait efficiently??

    Grasshoppers are fine. Fishing power is not really a big concern. I've watched my fishing power swing by 100 points going between different times of day and rain conditions, and it really made no appreciable difference in what I caught. You just want to be sure your body of water is large enough...
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    Why, again, were the Probe Spawns nerfed?

    I only want probes to get banners from Martians. Plating is useless to me and I've got all of the saucer drops I care about. With my boss/invasion arena, the Martians are not any kind of threat, so I really don't want them all that often, nor do I want to sit around in space waiting for a long...
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    Why, again, were the Probe Spawns nerfed?

    When I want a probe, I teleport to one of my Ocean spots during a bloodmoon and head straight up. Never takes long for the probe to show.
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    What gear should I have to survive the lunar events?

    At the start, edge into the zone of influence of the pillar to get some spawns, then retreat out and deal with them. Pillar spawn rates make the underground jungle look like your home base with 20 NPCs. It's easy to get quickly overwhelmed. Go in bite sized chunks.
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    Moon Lord in a nutshell.

    He's talking about how the devs in the first couple of 1.3 patches seemed to take players beating the Moon Lord personally.
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    Rare spawns - Dr. Bones, Tim, Nymph. What else can I do?

    My suggestion of the dragon was primarily for its ability to pass through blocks. If you make an arena that eliminates the possibility of monster spawning on the other side of blocks from you, then yes, the cell staff is the better option.
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    Rare spawns - Dr. Bones, Tim, Nymph. What else can I do?

    Get a Stardust dragon and go AFK for a day. The dragon will annihilate everything onscreen including any hidden rare spawns. Tim really isn't a big concern since he teleports to you when he spawns. The nymph and Dr. Bones are the tough ones. The dragon is incredibly helpful for this as long as...
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    PC New playthrough challenges

    I hollowed out a hill next to my base and have been busy putting in a copy of every armor in the game in order of defense provided. This includes helmet/body armor variations, with each variant needing a full set. Getting the hardmode ores that didn't spawn on my world from fishing crates was a...
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    PC Question on preparing Bossfights (especially for expert)

    Vilethorn would barely scratch Expert Hardmode enemies, even the easiest of trash monsters. You can get the Crystal Vile Shard from Hallow Mimics and it hits almost twice as hard as the Vile Thorn (plus doesn't require a corruption world). Killing the Mimic might be a tall order at the start of...
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    Need Help Fighting Celestial Towers..

    I'd do Stardust first. It's much easier, and you can whip up the dragon staff which gives an amazing pet to help with the other towers - it's especially good at dominating crawltipedes at the Solar tower so you can fly around a bit more to dodge.
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    What is the eaisest Celestial Tower?

    Srollers definitely ignore terrain when they are doing their divebomb attack. I've found it incredibly difficult to avoid. At least the homing shots can be knocked down (unlike the Nebula homing shots). Srollers are the huge problem for me in Solar.
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    Pumpkin Moon: Any Tips?

    1) Raid a couple of worlds to get multiple traps. Even a small world's Temple will have plenty of Spiky Ball traps, but Spear and Flame traps tend to be in short supply. 2) Put an Actuator on the trap. Activate the trap ONE TIME which actuates it into the background. Then use the wrench and pop...
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    PC Project Biosphere

    You can only make an artificial ocean if you build over the actual ocean. It's location dependent.
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    What is the eaisest Celestial Tower?

    For me, it goes Stardust -> Vortex -> Tie Nebula/Solar. Solar is just incredibly frustrating with the limited mobility and the Srollers who zoom up on you through terrain and reflect damage back at you. Nebula has those infernal floaters, who are snipers with that laser attack.
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    Can anyone tell me why this room is not valid housing?

    The arms dealer's house is NOT the same distance away from the Crimson. That tunnel of Crimson is arced inwards towards your base, so it is closer to a lower room than to an upper room. There could also easily be ice chunks in that black area that have been converted to Red Ice, putting them...
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    PC Help with expert Plantera

    Whatever world is your main world, you pretty much always want to make a secondary world with the opposite evil infection to get the exclusive stuff from there. I always import a few blocks of crim/ebonstone and dig out a big section to deliberately infect with the opposite material of my main...
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