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  1. Thebeatbat1139

    So, Overwatch

    Overwatch is that fancy, shiny new FPS made by Blizzard. What is your opinion on Overwatch? Like it? Hate it? Favorite, least favorite hero?
  2. Thebeatbat1139

    What's your signature weapon?

    Out of the countless choices of weapons in terraria, which do you constantly stand by? Always use? Are known for? The one weapon that you'll always be holding, or at least, your OC. Mine, of course, is The Axe. It's an amazing hammer and ax, good weapon, and it's a goddamn guitar that even plays...
  3. Thebeatbat1139

    Serious In Honor of Satoru Iwata

    It was a sad day for the gaming community. A very big part of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, passed away due to bile duct growth two days ago at the age of 55. I know this isn't any Nintendo forums, but this is a big community of gamers that includes fans of Nintendo. Iwata helped create some of the...
  4. Thebeatbat1139

    Drawings & Paintings BeatBat's Digital Doodles!

    Hello everyone! I've been practicing drawing one my tablet and I'm pretty happy with it until I get a computer to do such digital drawing. I just wanted to show some of the things I've been working on! I know my stuff ain't the best, far from it, but I'll try my best to draw things for this...
  5. Thebeatbat1139

    Casual How long do you spend on a screen each day?

    What the name says, how long a day are you on the internet, watching videos, playing games a day? I average from one hour to on rare occasions up to six, seven or more. How about you?
  6. Thebeatbat1139

    Beatbat's Plays

    Hey-lo everybody! Having problems with finding something to do in Terraria? Want to start a new playthrough but am too bored to do normal early-game? Well, I'm here to bring you some ways to spice up your game with challenges and limitations! Here we go! So that's all for now...
  7. Thebeatbat1139

    Showing Armor Set Bonuses

    This is a very simple idea that I came up with. Just a minor change. I just want to recommend that in the crafting menu or inventory, you'd be able to see what bonus you'd get on armor if you had the whole set. This would just help newer players if they don't know set bonuses and more advanced...
  8. Thebeatbat1139

    Drawings & Paintings BeatBat's Pencil Drawings!

    Hello everybody! I am Thebeatbat, and I just wanted to show some drawings I drew. Some may be colored, some may not, but they're all simple, pencil drawings. And I'm sorry they're in bad quality, I seriously used a computer camera to take them. I know I'm not the best, but I love drawing...
  9. Thebeatbat1139

    The Dedede Hammer

    Hello everyone! Suggestion time. This one is special, however- I made this for a friend. Get over here, @Swordbomb. The Dedede Hammer Sprite by @Haloboy01134 42 Melee damage Slow speed 8% Crit chance Very strong knockback "You're Dededead!" Crafted at a mythril/orichalcum anvil with... x1...
  10. Thebeatbat1139

    Your Answer to Everything

    If somebody starts a question with who, what, where, when, why, or how, what can you instantly answer with? Like a sarcastic answer. Mine are... Who... Cthulhu. What... Stuff. Where... France. Why... Because logic. How... Magic. What do you sometimes instantly answer..?
  11. Thebeatbat1139

    "I Blushed"

    The point of this is to see how many ways you can say "I blushed." Like, "my face was as red as a tomato." That is all. ((@Swordbomb, I really made this for you... you're god damn good at making up new ways to say it practically every post.))
  12. Thebeatbat1139

    The Cyclone Saber

    Yay, suggestion! How are you guys doin'? Good? Great. Let's get on with it. First of all, a new monster: The Surge. This guy. ((Thank @Haloboy01134 for the awesome sprite!)) The Surge 4,500 health 22 defence Resistant to knockback Flies around the player in a semi- circle and shoots lightning...
  13. Thebeatbat1139

    Favorite Smash Bros Character

    Name says it all. Between all four games, who is your favorite character to play as? The most powerful? And please, do not say meta knight from brawl... Personally I really like Samus from brawl. She was the first character I ever played as and I like the long range. Who's your best?
  14. Thebeatbat1139

    PC That Orange Bloodroot.

    Yo, I just found two Orange Bloodroot, and are fully willing to trade. Please name your price.
  15. Thebeatbat1139

    Stink/Love Potion Dialouge

    There are two virtually useless potions in Terraria- love and stink. Besides for some weird particles. Why not have different npc dialogue for the potions? I may make I deals later, but what are yours? (Idea by @dresden88!) And just to spice it up a little, how about when npcs are effected be...
  16. Thebeatbat1139

    What's Your Favorite Potion?

    Recently we've got quite a few potions. They help with building, fighting, fishing, mining... They really make our lives easier sometimes, huh? So what I'd your favorite of them all? For me the spelunker is an obvious, but I love crate potions- today I got a full set of adamantite armour...
  17. Thebeatbat1139

    What character are you attracted to?

    It's happened to everybody. You were watching or playing something, and in your head you thought, "Woah, he/she's hot. Shut up, me!" So what fictional character have you found yourself swooning at? Personally, I've always liked Maka from Soul Eater and Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler... You...
  18. Thebeatbat1139

    Mobile Beatbat's Build Requests!

    Hello Terrarians! Welcome to my build requests. I love building on Terraria mobile and would love to build for you too. Remember I am limited to mobile so I can't make anything! I may do pixel set-Up will see how good I am at it first. I may not be able to pour out requests. I have school and...
  19. Thebeatbat1139

    The Bladeless Paladin

    Just a little playground I thought up! You are the legendary warrior. You are known for your amazing swordskill. You have vanquished countless evils with the sword. Nobody has ever beat you in a duel in your life. But...two higher beings do not like your skill. They say you are too powerful, too...
  20. Thebeatbat1139

    Soul Eater!!!

    This is just a general discussion thread about Soul Eater. I've been watching it non-stop. So feel free to talk about it, cuz that's what the thread is. "I could break your neck!"
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