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  1. thecoolkni

    Xbox One Slimes don't fall in the background during Slime Rain.

    This appeared in PC 1.3+ and isn't present in the console version right now.
  2. thecoolkni

    Console Really bad luck with RNG.

    Alright, I must've caught somewhere around 200 Iron Crates, but I still haven't obtained the Ginger Beard. Either this is a bug, or I'm having really bad luck. Has anyone been able to obtain it?
  3. thecoolkni

    Guess the meaning of the emoticon above you.

    Simple enough. You can make up your own, or use ones that already exist. :)
  4. thecoolkni

    PC Mirage Displays

    Mirage Displays Do you have a favorite Terraria background? Have you ever wanted to have the Hell background in the Hallow for laughs? Introducing Mirage Displays, these tablet-like devices release a light can display any background of its biome when placed. Think monoliths. They are bought...
  5. thecoolkni

    TCF Suggestion Add a mobile prefix on the trading forums.

    This is just something oh-so small that's missing. Basically, there is no Mobile prefix on the Trading Post Forums. It should be added just in case Mobile users want to trade. Shoutout to @thegamer381 for realizing this.
  6. thecoolkni

    Official Introduction.

    Hello there, I'm thecoolgu. Some of you may already know me, but I felt it was best to give an official introduction. I've only been playing Terraria for a year, but it's one of my favorite games now. I've been on the TCF for 5 months, and I feel like I've mostly settled in. You'll find me...
  7. thecoolkni

    WIP Morphing

    I'm going to jump straight into this big suggestion. I'm working on some sprites, they should be ready in question couple of days. So, morphs allow the player to become an enemy. Yes, you heard me correctly. Here's how it works: Morph Items can change the player into an enemy from the game when...
  8. thecoolkni

    What is a good spriting software?

    I want to try to start spriting, but first thing's first: I need some free spriting software. Does anyone know of any free, good working, pixel sprite creator?
  9. thecoolkni

    RPG Sandbox

    Hello, trainee. Welcome to the RPG Sandbox, where you decide how you roleplay. Getting Started: Create your character. Your character can be anyone you want and starts with 2 abilities of your choice. Select your spawn point. What environment you spawn in is up to you, and can be whatever you...
  10. thecoolkni

    Chlorophyte Tank

    How about a mount that uses it's own special ammunition? Huh? Anyone with me? *cricket chirps* Oh well, forget you, cricket. Introducing the Chlorophyte Tank! The summoning item is a Tank-O-Ball, crafted with: 15 Chlorophyte Bars 2 Iron Bars 3 Adamantite/Titanium Bars 8 Wire 1 Lever 4...
  11. thecoolkni

    Any tips for dealing with lag?

    So, my Terraria has lag spikes when I join a world, and randomly from then-on. Turning down the video settings fixed this, but the game looked kind of ugly. Is there any way outside of Terraria to fix the lag? Am I able to do something by peeping around my PC, or going online? Thanks in...
  12. thecoolkni

    PC Severed Hands unspawnable.

    Severed Hands aren't spawning in my world, and the wiki says they're unspawnable. This might be a bug. If so, could we get it fixed in the next update, if possible?:indifferent:
  13. thecoolkni

    The Terra Moon

    This might be my first big suggestion, so bear with me please. We all know the Pumpkin and Frost moons, right? Well, those events were fun for a lot of people when they were released. Here is a wave moon suggestion to bring that feeling of enjoyment back. It is called the Terra Moon, and is...
  14. thecoolkni

    How good does your computer have to be to run this?

    My computer can run Terraria on almost max settings with very little lag, but I'm worried about Other world...
  15. thecoolkni

    Future update suggestion.

    If the devs have no idea what to do for 1.3.2, this might be a valid suggestion. They could add the missing furniture, Here are the missing ones: Golden Work Bench Pine Work Bench Gothic Sink Pine Wood Bookcase Wooden Candle Pine Wood Candle Bone Candle Gothic Candle Wooden Candelabra Pine...
  16. thecoolkni

    A couple questions...

    Well, I want to start making mods, but I want to know: 1: How do I mod, and is modding easy? 2: Is modding safe? Sorry if these questions are stupid... but thanks, in advance, if someone answers them.
  17. thecoolkni

    Eye Of Cthulu expert mode melee.

    I recently started an expert mode warrior playthrough, And I'm wondering how one kills the EoC Expert using only melee weapons. Should I go for projectile melee weapons, Like the Enchanted Sword Or the Ice Blade, Or are there other weapons? Thanks, in advance. Note: My character is hardcore, so...
  18. thecoolkni

    Guess how the enemies kill you.

    So recently, My character was turned into a pile of flesh by a Snow Flinx in the underground snow biome. It was then I got to thinking, How did he turn me into said boneless pile? That's what this thread is about folks. Share your death moments here and try to guess how the enemy killed you the...
  19. thecoolkni

    I'm not getting any smooth liquid flow.

    Is this a bug? Maybe, but I don't see an option to toggle it on and off in the settings. Is this happening to anyone else?
  20. thecoolkni

    What drink do you like with your doughnuts?

    For me it's milk. It's all creamy and tastes good with sugar.
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