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  1. Eikester

    tAPI Decorations and more

    This Modpack brings the old Decoration Mod to tApi. Of course doesn't contain all Tiles because some are added to the Game (Couches), some are obsolete due the Paint feature and others will be added later. However this pack contains: 6 new Beds 2 Bookshelfs 6 Tables 23 Mirrors 16 misc Tiles...
  2. Eikester

    Tool [Discontinued] TCCL - Terraria Custom Content Loader

    Terraria Custom Content Loader Current Version 1.2.1 for Terraria top Note: The Installer only works for Steam users, a GOG.com compatible version may be released in the future (probably after the 1.3 release) Important: since 1.2 Terraria has a huge amount of Files and due the way...
  3. Eikester

    Tool Game Launcher

    NOTE FROM STAFF: This tool has not worked in several years, since before 1.3. Please stop reporting that it does not work. It is not Re-Logic's tool, there is no support for it and it will not be updated to work with current versions of the game. Use at your own risk and don't complain to us...
  4. Eikester

    Fightyard Terraria - A Terraria Map for Source Games

    FY_TERRARIA by Eikester This is a Terraria themed Fightyard Map originally build for Counter Strike Source but also available for Garrys Mod and Counter Strike Global Offensive! Please let me know if you have any issues or find Bugs or whatever! Show your support by adding...
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