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  1. Awordley

    Resolved A Potential Invalid Housing Bug

    For the last 2 days or so, I've being trying to work out why this house is "Invalid Housing". No matter how you look at it, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. There's a suitable comfort item, light source, flat surface, and enough floor space for the NPC to stand on; yet the...
  2. Awordley

    PC 9+1=11?

    When 1.3.1 hit, I noticed that there were new Title Messages. One of the new messages I got was: Terraria: 9+1=11 I didn't really think about it, I just assumed it was a reference I didn't get. However, when I was playing the adventure map Tales of the Terrarian, I noticed this. How the...
  3. Awordley

    PC New Toggle For "Quick Heal" Hotkey

    Many of you probably know, that in 1.2.4, the following was listed as a bug fix: Changed the Quick Heal to use the best fit healing item instead of the first. This does indeed help and is a good improvement. For example: If you're fighting The Destroyer but accidentally heal using a mushroom...
  4. Awordley

    Item Tooltip Additions and Improvements

    Recently, I have been playing Terraria with a few people who are completely new to the game. Because of this, I'm noticing little things that you would really only pay attention to the first time you play. Item Tooltips. A lot of items, especially the important early ones, don't have a...
  5. Awordley

    PC Terraria 1.2.4 Gameplay Trailer (Fan Made)

    I felt like making a new Terraria trailer, for people new to the game or underestimate it! Share it to anyone who doubts the greatness of Terraria, and any of your friends who have just started playing! Enjoy!
  6. Awordley

    Teleporter Cable - Alternative Teleporter Wiring

    Recently in Terraria, I have been building a lot of teleporters. However, something which is quite annoying and inconvenient, is that teleporters use normal wiring. This causes activate-able things, such as lights and doors, which are overlapped by the teleporter wire, to turn off/open when you...
  7. Awordley

    Terraria Track List For Custom Wave Banks

    Simply the Terraria track list order, for when making a custom Wave Bank. I thought I should bring it over from Terraria Online. Here's a TCF tutorial on how to make a custom wave bank. Here is the official Rain SFX Terraria uses for your wave bank, ripped from the game using TExtract. When...
  8. Awordley

    What is your least favourite block in Terraria?

    The tittle says it all, what are your least favourite Terraria blocks? Mine are: Crimsand - I think it's really ugly, and if it spreads into your ocean, you get a sea of blood! :dryadeek: Spikes + Wooden Spikes - Since they don't hurt mobs, spikes are simply annoying in single player...
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