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  1. mgmletsplay

    Hosting Multiplayer in Older Versions

    So it's been a while, but I remember a way to play older versions of Terraria using some "Terraria Game Launcher," and while it's been over 2 years, I don't remember there being any way to play multiplayer in older versions. Is there any way that y'all know of to host a server in, say, 1.0.6 or...
  2. mgmletsplay

    Hosting servers on older versions

    It may sound stupid, but I have been playing on Terraria using Eikster's game launcher. I want to host a game to play with a friend (I have a static I.P. and have port forwarded correctly, and if I didn't, I know how to), but when I click "accept" after selecting a character, world, and...
  3. mgmletsplay

    Corrupt a Wish

    So, I remembered a game from the Odyssey PvP Steam group called Corrupt a Wish, and thought it was fun, so I decided to move it over here. [Is that allowed? Are the internet police going to get me? Am I safe? Ok, good] So, the game is where I wish for something, and then you must grant it. But...
  4. mgmletsplay

    Mobile No Demon Altars

    Ok, so I just got the mobile version after hearing it introduced hardmode (but even better, allowed health to go above 200. Yes, that was higher on my priority list:p). I made a new world and played on it with my sister, who is new to Terraria. We were having fun, until we fought the EoW, and I...
  5. mgmletsplay

    Your main Pre-Hardmode loadout?

    Everybody has their epic end-game Hardmode loadout, full of stuff from the Hardmode Dungeon, Frost and Pumpkin Moons, and even just Plantera and Golem. But what about the stuff from the Underground Jungle, the Underworld, and the Dungeon? Dust off the old suit of Molten Armor and study your...
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