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  1. InSignia

    tModLoader Terraria C# Tutorials

    A long time ago I had a friend who wanted to learn how to code, he wanted to make a Terraria mod so i decided to teach him what i knew. At the time i did not know much, so I could barely help him. What I did was create a discord server that give basic lessons on C# and modding for Terraria. In...
  2. InSignia

    tModLoader Trelamium Mod Remastered

    This "remake" of Trelamium was originally intended to "be a meme". But overtime it grew into a fun project that we enjoyed. Unlike the orignal Trelamium Mod, this one has no plagiarism (For both codes and sprites), removed bad content/concepts, and adds brand new content. Special Thanks...
  3. InSignia

    Pixel Art Rubber Duck's Sproots

    Hello! welcome to "Rubber Duck's Sproots". I am a spriter for multiple terraria mods, i'm also a programmer. I started spriting around December 14th, 2017, I was really bad back then and i'm still kinda bad, lol. Anyways, I wanted to present some of my art I've created in the past few months...
  4. InSignia

    tModLoader Euphoria Mod

    The Euphoria Mod The Euphoria Mod is a new large content mod that has been in development for nearly 6 months. Although, the mod isn't quite ready for release yet. The date estimated is around: Sept. 15th This mod will have it's own storyline within Terraria and will somewhat change the way...
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