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  1. Lunatic Lobbyist

    PC Texture Stretching Problems with Backgrounds in 1.4

    Since 1.4, distant background textures have generally been stretched to be on a larger scale than the foreground graphics. I'm assuming this was done to accommodate 4K and other larger resolutions without having to remake the backgrounds too extensively, so they were simply blown-up in size...
  2. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Working as Designed Odd behavior of Eye of Cthulhu in the background

    This is in regards to the new Eye of Cthulhu sprite flying around in the background after the text warning he's coming for you at night. It will fly around in the background back and forth progressively faster seeing more agitated (which is a nice addition), but then when the EoC comes into...
  3. Lunatic Lobbyist

    PC Better Ambiance Texture Pack (now for 1.4)

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/better-ambiance-texture-pack-now-for-1-4.59526/post-1965020 ^^^ The Better Ambiance 1.4 update has arrived!! The download file is attached in the post linked above. For Terraria 1.3.5 users, you want the version at the bottom of this post you're...
  4. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Resolved Why is the word "Terraria" still not recognized by spell-check on this forum?

    This is something I've always scratched my head about while posting on this forum -- the very game that this entire forum revolves around isn't even recognized by spell-check. Isn't that weird? Is this something that has been tried and can't be helped for some reason? I've also noticed other...
  5. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Are water gfx uneditable -- hard-coded into the game?

    The deep blue, purple-ish tint of water in Terraria always bothered me, so I tried making a texture pack that made it more greenish (like a clean ocean water irl). I extracted the following 3 files and changed the hue of them: water_0.png (in the misc folder) Liquid_0.png Waterfall_0.png I...
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