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  1. Watplr

    Type Above Username With Your Eyes Closed

    Lord Ecramox The Almifhtz Surprisingly pretty close, especially considering that the keyboard I'm using switches the normal places of y and z.
  2. Watplr

    Granite Slime

    Granite Slime. It would be like a normal slime, but it would glow when it jumps, and would only spawn in the Granite. I think there's a mod with a similar idea, but I completely forgot about that while making this. Anyways, here are the sprites. they're imgur links since uploading them here...
  3. Watplr

    Sprites The Mod

    Honestly, I'm more concerned about Mana Regen. Considering the speed it already has, it would likely be pretty broken. Edit: Also, does it apply to only magic weapons, or anything that uses mana?
  4. Watplr

    Sprites The Mod

    Would it stack with Mana Regen or Magic Power potions?
  5. Watplr

    tfw you make some simple pixel art and actually feel accomplished

    tfw you make some simple pixel art and actually feel accomplished
  6. Watplr

    Clentamination Bombs!

    Of course, just be sure to give credit.
  7. Watplr

    Stardust Armor Upgrade

    It would be neat if the Guardian was repurposed to be a turret of sorts.
  8. Watplr

    Clentamination Bombs!

    I made a Hallow one. It looks like a petri dish. Here's the link: Imgur Also, here's the link to my Piskel if you want to use any of the sprites as a template: Piskel - Watplr Wraith
  9. Watplr

    Clentamination Bombs!

    Here's my awful attempt at making a Crimson Bomb. Edit: I think the image is broken. If you want to view it, here's the imgur link: Imgur Other Edit: Also, I'd assume the crafting recipe makes 20 bombs? Other Other Edit: I made a corruption one too. I won't even bother trying to upload it...
  10. Watplr

    Sprites Expert mode makes

    Well, technically, we already have Expert drops that are able to be combined, but those don't even make an accessory. Who knows, maybe those minecart pieces should have a better use? Maybe they could be combined with some accessories from the bosses the mechs are based on?
  11. Watplr

    PC Spoons in Terraria

    It would be neat if you could eat slimes with the spoon.
  12. Watplr

    Sprites Shotgun Boots/Gunmetal Boots

    So, basically, it's like Downwell?
  13. Watplr

    PC Onyx Blaster MK. 2

    While I absolutely love using the Chainblaster (I haven't gotten to the Onyxia yet), it really isn't much of an Onyx Blaster, rather, it's more of a machine gun that just happens to shoot Onyx Blasts.
  14. Watplr

    Yes, it is very ok.

    Yes, it is very ok.
  15. Watplr

    PC Onyx Blaster MK. 2

    I have an awful idea. Make it fire a spread of three small Onyx Blasts, each of which can bounce off an enemy/wall once (still making an explosion on the bounce).
  16. Watplr

    Ok, now this is epic

    Ok, now this is epic
  17. Watplr

    rate the person above you signature

    9/10 Has Ratthew, Rick Astley, a guide on how to do things, a choose your own adventure (though unfinished), and some links to threads and ideas.
  18. Watplr

    PC Ideas for our new 1.3.6 NPC?

    It could just be really expensive. It could also only have bars for sale, so you'd still need to do the other methods to make a forge in the first place.
  19. Watplr

    PC Ideas for our new 1.3.6 NPC?

    There are still uses for Adamantite after the first mech-boss, as Worfer said. And farming for crates is incredibly tedious and should not be the only way to reliably get it.
  20. Watplr

    Sprites Making Hell a Little More Lively | Hardmode-Underworld Expansion

    Ooh, do you know what else is an uncommon weapon type? Sentries! It should have a chance to drop a sentry that shoots shadowy chains at enemies similar to the VileThorn.
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