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  1. Trash Boat

    The Grand Spellbook

    I've looked around and I don't think this exists already, so here's a go at something new. The Grand Spellbook is very grand indeed. Or, rather, it was. It seems someone has torn out the pages. They are in dire need of replacement, and that's exactly where you come in. The rules are as...
  2. Trash Boat

    Sprites The Princess

    Ok, so be sure to know beforehand this would be my first suggestion. also, note that i'm not very good at spriting and am not sure how to post anything made on paint any bigger than it is. some help on that front would be appreciated. The Princess Requirements: one unoccupied housing, have...
  3. Trash Boat

    Handheld Pokemon MD: EoT - will I make it?

    Ok, I'm loving the game so far and am at the part before Dialga. I tried. I failed. I went back to treasure town and started grinding for good stuff, and now I'm in this predicament: I have two (technically four) dungeons to got through and Dialga's :red: to kick. So here's my heroes/stats/stuff...
  4. Trash Boat

    Casual The Pokemon Gen 6 Hookup Thread

    Welcome to Trash Boat's Gen 6 meet and greet. It's all in the name. You got somebody you wanna play without? Wanna play with me? Just looking for friends for you FS? This is the place for all of those things! Just simply leave your name and friend code, tag who you want to play with (or just...
  5. Trash Boat

    The Shiny Pokemon Thread

    Welcome to Trash Boats shiny thread, were discussion includes: -General shiny talk -Chaining tips -Shiny stories -Collections -Favorites Rules are pretty basic. No direct insults to other members and follow the board rules. Pretty sure this isn't a thing yet, so have at it. Also, since Sun and...
  6. Trash Boat

    Tracker Pistol

    This may be a bad idea, but I wanted to throw this out there. How about a ranged weapon that sticks a tracker to an enemy (mechanics similar to the Pirana Gun, accept you don't have to hold the trigger, and you can switch the weapon without the effects disappearing) that adds an icon to the...
  7. Trash Boat

    The Unofficial Dragcave Hatchery

    welcome to the hatchey! This is a place to post your dragons/eggs to be viewed and clicked. Rules: 1. View and click often Make sure you view others dragons/eggs as much as possible 2. No spam Self explanatory. 3. Be kind Don't be a jerk to the other people on here. You will be banned...
  8. Trash Boat

    If the person above you had a Pokemon,which would it be?

    I'll start us off. Missingno
  9. Trash Boat

    Xbox 360 Mods on Xbox live

    Do you guys think they should put mods like Avilon, Thorium, and Spirit on XBL? Could they even do that?
  10. Trash Boat

    Weapons/armor that need buffs

    which weopons/armor sets do you think need buffs? I'll start it out. The snowball cannon is obtainable really early, but it still needs a buff. Make the damage around 6 so it can be at least useable. As for armor I think all the hard mode ore armors need defense buffs. What do you guys think?
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