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    PC Why I think NPC Unhappiness and how Pylons are locked are a HUGE mistake

    I mean... that only affects you if you want pylons to work in a certain part of the map, as there have to be NPCs nearby. If I'm not wrong, happiness only really affects shop prices, as you can just have any NPC nearby as soon as you already bought the pylon before. I think that this mechanic...
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    Thoughts on the new Brain Of Confusion

    It's pretty much a better black belt from the post-Plantera dungeon. It's heavily RNG based, but for intense fights it might be a life saver. I think it could be pretty useful for boss fights.
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    I think the problem was that a lot of people were doing shortcuts that skip a lot of progression in the game. For example getting a Reaver Shark or Meteor Armor very early just skips pretty much most of the pre-Hardmode progression, and while it's not a bad thing to play like this, I think the...
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    PC Summoner Discussion - What could be done to make it more viable?

    My main issue with summoner is still the early game. We got the Finch Staff and the Frog Staff, but the bird may not be a thing if you get bad luck with chest loot, and the frog is rather difficult do get as you're forced to fish during a Blood Moon which can easily kill you early game. Summoner...
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    Resolved Flaming Mace now unable to be crafted? Also, joining multiplayer from menu still broken.

    Wasn't it actually 99 torches? Yeah, just buy an entire stack of torches and then you should be able to craft it.
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    What Mode will you be playing in 1.4?

    Master Mode all the way! Eventually I could play Journey Mode with Master difficulty on multiplayer, so grinding for stuff takes less time.
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    PC Alright fellas, what's your favorite part of 1.4 so far?

    The new visual improvements and music. They make the game look A LOT more lively and I love it, there's even so much attention to detail in the backgrounds.
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    PC Is Zenith useless?

    I think it's nice to have a good reward for grinding items for hours. It may not be the most useful weapon ever, but it's really fun to mess around with it and it looks beautiful.
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    Was the zoologist design a bad idea?

    There's so many superheroes or cartoons with either animal characters or people with animal costumes, and nobody really cared about it, but when a new NPC that's wearing fox ears appears, people are like "omg it's a furry". Like come on, people really need to stop characterizing everything with...
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    NPCs & Enemies Worm enemy spawnrate in Master Mode

    I've started playing Master Mode and got up to Hardmode and I'm enjoying myself so far, but there's one thing that I find very odd and sometimes frustrating: there's a weird abundance of worm enemies spawning, not sure if that's Master Mode exclusive or they somehow are spawning more often, but...
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    Terraria State of the Game - June 2019

    Probably would try going for translations as I could translate certain things into Polish language, however I'm not sure if it's worth it as I'm not as active on the forums anymore. I also mostly lurk on the Terraria Discord. :p
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    Terraria State of the Game - May 2019

    Good to see that console and mobile editions are slowly catching up with the PC updates. I'm suprised that Re-Logic is gonna participate in E3, who knows what will they announce there. :)
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    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Share your story

    I've known Terraria pretty much since its release, as I've known about Super Mario Bros. X which was Redigit's other project before he moved on to Terraria. At first I wasn't very interested with it, as it was still fairly early in development. I started playing it for real when 1.2.4 came out...
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    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    Has Cenx or Redigit ever played any Terraria mod? If yes, did they have anything that gave you inspiration to implement something in the game?
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    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    Sad to see that T:OW is cancelled, I was kinda interested what new stuff it'd have. But hey, I understand that it was taking too long and the effect wasn't as good as we'd think. I hope that future projects will not suffer with this problem and there will be new stuff someday. Also can't wait...
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    Things that you have ignored in terraria

    I often forget to take a shield with me but partially it's because I tend to go for DPS loadouts. I can deal with knockback if I can kill a boss much faster.
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    Weapon that changed your play through the most?

    Dart Rifle. Every time I go with a ranger playthrough, I just have to use that weapon. It's so fun to use and it's really strong when paired with cursed or crystal darts.
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    Weird things with items

    For some reason, when playing around with PVP with a friend, a bow with flaming arrows (it probably was a Molten Fury I think) could inflict fire damage on me but when I used a different weapon that also inflicts fire damage, I couldn't do that. Not sure if it's a bug or only certain things...
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    What misconceptions did you have when you started playing?

    - When I started the game, I tried to get planks with an axe like in Minecraft but then I realized you have to use a pickaxe for it. - I thought weapons like shurikens or throwing knives were good, even though I was fighting like a noob with friends who were using bows or space guns to kill a...
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    One Drop Celestial Pillar Terrarian Yo-Yos

    That's actually pretty cool. It's nice to see some more references to Terraria IRL.
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