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    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    Can't wait for this! It will be so good! One of my favorite games of all time!
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    Mobile new to game looking for advise

    This game is best experienced with a brand new character.
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    PC Should NPC kills count as mine towards achievements?

    Sounds like a plan. It may not be a bug at all.
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    Dumb question but, is there a competitive PvP scene in Terraria?

    I am in the process of making an elo system for my server with a top 100 ranking and PvP arena :) if you are intrested click my banner below. (Site not fully updated).
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    Mobile new to game looking for advise

    The wiki is also a really good place to look for specific mage items and how to get them.
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    How to block cheater

    I have no clue, but server mods will come after a little while :)
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    Artificial Biome Dilemma

    You can find perfect 2D pixel circles online. I usally make mushroom biome and corruption biome in the air.
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    PC Quick Stacking Coins?

    My bad then.
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    PC How to host/join a server via Steam

    All hail the developers!
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    Crimson and Corruption Powerful New Items?

    I know there are two new major items from the first Bosses in expert mode. The Crimson biome drops an item that have a small chance to afflict the confusion debuff to enemies, and in the corruption there is an item that increases defense with a certain amount of percentage. This is exclusive to...
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    tConfig Problems.

    Your game cannot find the place where the steam api .dll file is located. Try to verify game cache. Have you moved your Terraria file away from the steam folder?
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    PC Quick Stacking Coins?

    The issue you are reffering to have been resolved in the new bugfix update :) quick stacking coins should now work as intended.
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    PC Host & Play Functionality

    There is a new host and play feature through the new steam integration feature. And yes. There is commands for kick and ban. Search it up on google, im not sure what they are myself atm :)
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    Expert Mode Queen Bee and Skeletron

    Expert mode is to ser your skilles to a test. If you arn't able to kill one of the Bosses try to use the new steam integration feature and get help from someone :) PS: the boss health will scale with the total amount of players present.
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    PC Should NPC kills count as mine towards achievements?

    S Sounds like a bug of some kind. NPC kills should not affect your killing score.
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    How to block cheater

    In the new bug fixing update they fixed The ban feature for servers. Look it up. There is a command to ban :)
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    Artificial Biome Dilemma

    In my last multiplayer world we built several domes in the air with different biomes and teleporters leading to them. It looks cool and is very effective :)
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    Turtle or Beetle armor?

    This man speak true words.
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    PC Is it safe to exit the game during the Lunar Event?

    I believe you will cancel the event. But you need to test it out. Reply when you have an answer :)
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