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  1. The_Hornet72

    tModLoader An in-depth tier list of all of the enchantments in Fargo's Soul mod

    Thanks, I am just starting a playthrough and this will 100% help
  2. The_Hornet72

    Bosses - Easiest to Hardest

    I would agree with most of what you have but here is my list King slime Queen slime Eater of Worlds Queen bee Brain of Cthulhu Skelatron WoF Destroyer Golem Twins Skelatron prime Plantara Empress of light (Nighttime) Moonlord Dukefishron empress of light (Daytime)
  3. The_Hornet72

    PC some basic tips for future mage players

    Pre-hard mode: -Ok first off go to the dungeon and see if there is a water bolt on the bookshelves, If so things just got a whole lot easier for you -Make a row of planks above part of your world, this will help you collect falling stars for mana crystals -It may take a bit of work, but finding...
  4. The_Hornet72

    whats the best class?

    my personal favorite is mage, it's a very solid option and has some of the best weapons for bosses. But in the end, it is all personal preference.
  5. The_Hornet72

    What is the hardest game you have played or seen someone play

    Contra 3 the alien wars, still can't beat the third level
  6. The_Hornet72

    no one is probably looking at this, but if hope you are haveing a good day.

    no one is probably looking at this, but if hope you are haveing a good day.
  7. The_Hornet72

    Starting eternity mode, any tips

    I actually am watching that, and thanks for the advice.
  8. The_Hornet72

    Tell me your luckiest / unluckiest drops in your worlds.

    I once got a slime staff in pre-hardmode without trying, and I am still grinding for rod of discord.
  9. The_Hornet72

    Starting eternity mode, any tips

    Ok so I just started eternity mod from Fargos soul mod and I was wondering if anyone had any general tips to share.
  10. The_Hornet72

    Top ten most enjoyable weapons

    10. Stardust cell staff: This is a weapon not a lot of people remember about, and I admit it is a bit bad. That does not stop me from enjoying using it though. 9. Terraprisim: re-logic went all out with the empress of light drops. this weapon is not only satisfying to use but also to obtain...
  11. The_Hornet72

    Is buying PC Terraria worth it?

    In short yes. PC has 1.4, Tmodloader, and It is only 10$ currently. This not mentioning the new steam workshop support, also I personally prefer keyboard to controller.
  12. The_Hornet72

    PC What Class Should I Play?

    It depends on what mod you are using, a lot of big mods have additional classes. I personally prefer mage for calamity though.
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