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  1. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU v2.0

    A while ago I posted a CPU I made which worked, I guess, but there were a few serious flaws with it. Firstly, with 256 bytes of RAM the game would lag for a split second whenever anything passed through the data bus. It doesn't seem bad at first, but it capped the maximum clock speed at around...
  2. Haku

    Showcase [Showcase] TerraByte, the 16 Bit Programmable Computer

    Wow, that's really impressive! 👀 I was just wondering, how does it hold up in terms of lag? I made a quad-core CPU but it ended up being too powerful to be effective on high clock speeds ingame with frame skip on.
  3. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU

    Wow, that's a lot more in depth than the quick instruction set a whipped up before! It's a lot more clear too (you do need to branch to one address before where you want to go, branching takes place at the end of one instruction and incrementing the PC happens at the start of the next...
  4. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU

    I have made smaller CPUs in Terraria, but they've all been using a very basic RISC and none have really had enough memory to write a proper minigame, as far as I was concerned if it could do fibonacci it was good enough. I plan to keep making more, building on them as I understand how they work...
  5. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU

    Not sure why it says 5743, it looks like the file was open as I uploaded it so something went wrong. Here's what I meant to upload:
  6. Haku

    Ah ok, I just screen-recorded a quick video showing it in action, and explaining how it works a...

    Ah ok, I just screen-recorded a quick video showing it in action, and explaining how it works a little. Please enter this instead:
  7. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU

    I spent quite a while working on this huge 8-bit CPU, I tried to make it as powerful as I could. It has an 8-bit data bus, a 32-bit instruction bus, 32 bytes of data memory, and 1KB of program memory. It can handle a 1-tick clock so it has a max speed of 30 instructions per second, this halves...
  8. Haku

    [MEDIA] I made a giant 8-bit CPU with 1KB of program memory, and 32 bytes of data memory for the...

    I made a giant 8-bit CPU with 1KB of program memory, and 32 bytes of data memory for the CC. It works with a 1-tick clock (60Hz) giving it a speed of 30 instructions per second. I included a gif of it calculating the fibonacci sequence from 0 to 233. (Not sped up, FPS isn't great due to the...
  9. Haku

    tModLoader WireMod

    I saw in the tile copy / paste example that you were using a lever to toggle it, although there doesn't seem to be a feature that lets me convert a vanilla pulse to a modded one. Can you post the wiring behind it or show me how? It's the only thing holding me back at the moment - I'm very good...
  10. Haku

    Showcase Rubik's Cube (Showcase)

    I spent about 2 weeks designing and creating a Rubik's cube in Terraria. It uses 54, 4-directional shift register blocks. Each "block" has 6 segments, one for each colour. The wire bulbs are used to make the different colours. Current record is 45 minutes by Quicksilvur, who uploaded a video you...
  11. Haku

    44-way teleporter

    Something like this, using lots of AND gates. Every AND gate can be activated, but only one at once. Each one has a unique combination of switches. Would make it look a lot cleaner than having 44. By the way, I just noticed the post about the gap not being intentional so the extra wires wouldn't...
  12. Haku

    PC Keyboard in Terraria!

    Thank you! I always seem to end up using traps because it gets rid of smoke completely, but using more logic gates makes way more sense. I just don't know how many to use most of the time. Edit: I finished adding your fixes and it's amazing now, instant!:D I decided to keep the erasing dart trap...
  13. Haku

    44-way teleporter

    Yes, I can see how you can add at least another 4. Also, couldn't you use a multiplexer to tackle the switches problem? This means you'd only need 7 switches, 6 to make a binary number, and 1 more to trigger the teleportation.
  14. Haku

    PC Keyboard in Terraria!

    Here it is, I used world edit to paste it into a fresh world for you but for some reason it broke, so this is the world with the old version in as well. :happy:
  15. Haku

    PC Keyboard in Terraria!

    I made this keyboard a while ago, but it only had 3-4 character slots. I decided to come back to and improve it; now it is tile-able, and can have as many character slots as you like! Each slot can have any letter from A-Z, or it can be blank. It might not be the most efficient machine, but it...
  16. Haku

    Weapons & Equip Blade Ring

    I like the idea :3 One thing i would suggest is to make it so projectile damage isnt buffed (e.g. for true nights edge, it shoots out a green projectile, and people stop using it like a sword, but like a gun).
  17. Haku

    Weapons & Equip River Whistle

    Very simple: Summons a rideable wyvern mount. I came up with this after my idea about the wyvern pearl, so thats why everything seems "wyvern-ish". It is a flying mount, very fast, with infinite flight... sounds amazing right? Heres the catch: it can fly in your control for 6 seconds, before...
  18. Haku

    Weapons & Equip Wyvern Pearl

    How about: Wyvern Pearl Material Equipable Transforms the holder into a wyvern when flying. Post-golem accessory, so you can use it against fishron, and the moon lord. The drop chance would be 1 / 50, as it should be an item that not everyone has. Any further ideas i will read and incorperate ;)
  19. Haku

    Weapons & Equip Wyvern Pearl

    Sure, maybe post-golem and a higher drop rate, i was thinking of using the same mechanics of the pets to do it, so you know when you fly and your pet follows behind you? That would be where the wyvern tail is, and you would be at the head. Inbetween would be filled with body segments Thats a...
  20. Haku

    Weapons & Equip Wyvern Pearl

    Rare drop from wyverns after golem has been defeated. 1 / 50 Wyvern Pearl Equipable Material Turns the holder into a wyvern whilst flying. (Gives minor improvements to speed and flight time). Combined with celestial shell to make "celestial oyster' at a tinkerer table. Its not too much of a...
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