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  1. Shyguymask

    Terraria Enters its Teens!

    Happy birthday Terraria. I only started playing you in 2019 at the tail end of 1.3, yet it only took a few years for you to become my favorite game of all time. Cheers! <3
  2. Shyguymask

    Items Buff to stardust cell staff please?

    Stardust Cell Staff is already good and does not need a buff, and contrary to what you said it's far better than Stardust Dragon for killing crowds of enemies. It's also more reliable than Stardust Dragon against Empress of Light and when used right can kill her in Master Mode in about 20...
  3. Shyguymask

    Items you think are overrated?

    I genuinely do not think there is anyone in the community calling Cobalt gear good. Again, it cannot be overrated if no one calls it good.
  4. Shyguymask

    Rate stardust cell staff

    Dragon tends to be better (not against EoL or mainly pillar mobs), but people also underestimate Stardust Cell and they don't realize that it's one significant buff away from outdamaging Terraprisma.
  5. Shyguymask

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Influx Waver deserves A+ or S-, but Terra Blade deserves to be ranked higher because it's obtained earlier in progression, is easier to use and is more versatile.
  6. Shyguymask

    Mana Guide

    The problem is opportunity cost. You are choosing between effects like +1 minion slot, +15% magic damage, or increased jump/wing ascent speed among other things... but instead, you're ditching all of these in favor of borderline just QoL. Drinking mana potions manually can be learned (and is...
  7. Shyguymask

    Items you think are overrated?

    For something to be overrated, there has to be an existing amount of people that actually praise said thing.
  8. Shyguymask

    Weapons & Equip Descent: Post Plantera whip in Dungeon.

    There already is a Post-Plantera dungeon whip, the Morning Star. Having two whips drop from the same biome & from the same enemies is overkill.
  9. Shyguymask

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Aim issue Flying Knife is great at picking at if not outright cheesing mobs. Paired with DoTs like from Frost Armor and Cursed Flask, it becomes REALLY good at clearing mobs in general even in open spaces.
  10. Shyguymask

    terraspark boots aren't worth it

    Said benefits and capabilities are mostly convenient instead of *actually* making a difference or saving time, most of the time. Being able to walk on top of water isn't gonna save you from Spazmatism incinerating you with its cursed-inferno flamethrower. Amphibian Boots's higher ascent/jump...
  11. Shyguymask

    Weapons & Equip Duke Fishron drops rework ideas

    I don't see how removing the option of fighting Duke Fishron early would be an improvement or beneficial to anyone or for any aspects of the game. I don't think most of his drops need changes either, especially not Bubble Gun whose identity is having extremely high DPS if you can manage to fight...
  12. Shyguymask

    Items Sentry potion to increase sentry count

    Are they, really? Outside of some cheeses/exploits, Post-ML and maybe Deerclops, I can't think of a single time where sentries make a large contribution in boss fights in good setups. And I tried several times to make them work & be strong like for example Ballista Cane + Firecracker on...
  13. Shyguymask

    Hot Topic Post your Terraria hours!

    Around 4.5k hours, I only play on Steam
  14. Shyguymask

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Bubble Gun should be ranked much higher than just B+, not only is it one of the highest DPS weapons pre-cultist (and especially before that), but its sheer damage output makes it viable for pillars & Moon Lord. It also has the feat of being able to speedkill Master EoL in under 20s without when...
  15. Shyguymask

    Who is the most hated player in terraria history? Was it a speedrunner? Who was it?

    If we count Modded Terraria, I myself is perhaps the most infamous person in Calamity Discord-related communities because of all the Summoner-related arguments I've caused. Just mere days ago I was in a different unrelated Discord server and some guy started harassing me out of nowhere with a...
  16. Shyguymask

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    A lot of the nerfs are either overkill or simply were not needed at all & made the balance worse and reduced the amount of viable options.
  17. Shyguymask

    Do chlorophyte bullets need a nerf?

    They don't need to be nerfed. As you said you trade DPS for homing, not only that they are borderline detrimental against Plantera and have no real uses against Golem since he's so easy to target.
  18. Shyguymask

    Pre-mech Duke fishron for lazy people (expert mode).

    Spirit Flame is arguably the best mage weapons for Duke, additionally a setup of Forbidden Armor, Spirit Flame & Sanguine Staff is perhaps the best Pre-mech duke setup after Daedalus Stormbow. Takes grinding the desert biome though.
  19. Shyguymask

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    I assume this was written years ago for an older version of the game but I'm pretty sure this isn't true anymore. I'll copypaste myself from Discord since I'm lazy:
  20. Shyguymask

    Items Please make these items craftable 😏⚒️👷🐦

    To be fair you opened this thread talking about "classes" (which are glorified self-handicapped challenges) and worded it like not always having a magic or summon weapon immediately accessible upon spawning is a problem that needs to be fixed. I wouldn't mind having Finch Staff be craftable, but...
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