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    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    Here's one with 3 pyramids. The evil biome, crimson, is located all the way on the right side with the Jungle on the left side of the spawn. Three pyramids which is quite rare in my opinion.
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    Should i create a new world but on old charakter?

    I mean if you really want to. Depends on how "messed up" your old world is.
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    Anyone know how to destroy the dirt walls?

    lmao good luck doing that...
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    Maps I'm looking for a good seed! (1.4)

    Two temples... crimson biome relatively easy to control. Medium, Crimson, Classic. I'm not sure if it works on another other modes... just started Terraria so I went classic :3 Seed: but... it is
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