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  1. Eltanin

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2024

    Tying the kites down (as most likely thing in the banner is great! I do hope you manage to also make trapdoors work as platforms impassable to enemies, same as doors...
  2. Eltanin

    Game Mechanics Make trapdoors work as platforms impassable to enemies unless open

    As per title, I would love if trapdoors could work as platforms, unless opened then work as not present. The thought process is to have them behave similar to horizontal doors.
  3. Eltanin

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    I have always felt hallowed to be underwhelming, I'm glad to see it reworked! Also, am I the only one who is mildly bothered by the queen bee having only two wings instead of normal four? Still love the overall rework to give everything more vitality.
  4. Eltanin

    Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

    The year 6343 seems far enough to assume it'll be out (hopefully).I'm really looking forward to it. `:p
  5. Eltanin

    Question [Question] Does this work like a hoik?

    Apart from the profile I'm quite new to the forum, therefore apologies if this is not the right place to ask. I am quite confused by hoiks, but I'd like to know what is happening here and if it might be helpful. This below is the starting configuration. If I move to the left it pushes me...
  6. Eltanin

    PC Terraria 1.3.5 not starting Any Fix/Help? (On Windows 10)

    It's the same for me. But after uninstalling, I can't download again due to missing privileges...
  7. Eltanin

    Blocks & Decoration Multiple Chest sorting system

    I would love to see a sorting system for multiple chest, not inside the single chest. My idea was a system based on pipes which should stay in a layer between front and walls (if possible). They would be sold by the steampunker after plantera, also it would be needed a pipe placed that places...
  8. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    I think it's 3, I'm not sure... I uninstalled it... I was tired ow waiting without knowing anything...
  9. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    The storage is not important, 1GB of RAM is needed. But other than this I can't help much more... I still haven't got the update:dryadcry:
  10. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    I was wondering if there was any news about the update coming for all these devices, positive or negative... Or a time to expect them... Could you explain what are you doing about that? If you want, I'm just curious...
  11. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    As I have already wrote I have a p8 lite made by Huawei with 2 Gb of ram and android 5.0.1 (I don't know which version is) should it be compatible? I don't have the update `:cry:
  12. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    Have you checked the compatibility with your device? If it is not compatible it won't pop up
  13. Eltanin

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    I have an huawei p8 lite with 2 gb of ram and android 5.0.1. I've bought terraria a year and a half ago but I stopped playing for the crashes amd the hell generation that made me always impossible to fight the wall of Flesh due to a really small space between ashes and lava. Recently I've read...
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