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  1. Gusz

    tModLoader Antiaris

    There are still plans to porting the mod to the 1.4?
  2. Gusz

    Texture Pack Weapons are the Cursor Texture Pack

    If u want, u could add the Arkhalis? pls :3
  3. Gusz

    Star pet

    Wooow, rlly good men, rlly good, u should do more things like this :D
  4. Gusz

    The (Not so) New Zelda Pack

    I know that the last post was in 2016, but jeez, this pack is awesome, with the last version of Terraria (1.4) the texture packs are more great than ever, there is any way that this pack could get updated? I tried but, only the items and some other stuff is compatible, but the armours and the...
  5. Gusz

    Texture Pack Dimrimmed

    The screenshots are rlly cool, i will surely use it :D
  6. Gusz

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    U could upload this as a texture pack :o?
  7. Gusz

    Texture Pack Undernity's Minecraft Texture Pack! (RELEASED)

    U could upload the pack here too?
  8. Gusz

    Texture Pack Khoir TexturePack

    This post is discontinued, u should go to the newer post:
  9. Gusz

    Texture Pack Greybrynn's overhauls

    U could upload the file here too?
  10. Gusz

    Awesome weapon sounds

    Hey, u didn't post any file xdd
  11. Gusz

    Cartoony Beasts Texturepack

    U have a rlly good pack in there xd
  12. Gusz

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    Ok, thank you very much for ur time and ur help, now i have a idea about how modify the sprite sheet, and Gale Portable is the portable version of Graphics Gale, that was the first that i used so i always call him Portable xd, srry for that.
  13. Gusz

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    Sorry, i know that i'm annoying but, let's say that i create a animation using Gale Portable, i use the size of the pet, and everything is ok, now, how i introduce my animation on the texture pack in a .png format without damaging the animation? maybe is Gale Portable that dont support that type...
  14. Gusz

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    I use Tconvert to get the vanilla animation sheet, but there is no way to make it different to the vanilla? the only way is modifing the vanilla file pixel per pixel? what i'm trying to say is, i can't make a zero new animation? because i would to make a totally different a pet, but i don't know...
  15. Gusz

    Music Pack Starbound Music Pack, pliss

    And u could upload it to here too?
  16. Gusz

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    Welp, i know how to make the item sprites, language etc, my problem is how to make animations, because on the original files, and the texture packs made by the other players, the animations are frames starting from the top, and finishing on the bottom, different images in a single png file, i...
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