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    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    Bless folks for posting how to actually zoom in. UI is the biggest issue I've encountered. I'm playing this game while sitting 10 to 15 feet away from my tv depending on whether I use the chair or the couch. Even at the nearer distance it's just impossible to see anything at the default...
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    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    I'm really saddened by the prospect of losing my pet zombies. I love to make characters and worlds with specific themes, and I particularly love the zombie pet as it is perfect for a couple of my favorite themes. I really hope they make a comeback later. Maybe even switch them to an early...
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    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Crimson all the way for me. The skull in the background, boss, and spreading gore make for the compelling possibility that it could be the regenerating body of Cthulu, and that is far more interesting to me than the more general darkness of the Corruption. The variety of enemies, the color...
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    Hot Topic Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    In preperation for when we get the 1.3 update on PS4, I created a character for a summoner playthrough... or more specifically a Devil Summoner playthrough. It's Raidou Kuzunoha XIV and his feline guide Gouto. Plumber's hat (black dye) Ninja shirt and pants (black dye) Mysterious Cape Unlucky...
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    Console Hello from Pipeworks!

    Since I have made plenty of use of the feature that allows players to share their characters and worlds between the Vita and the PS4, I really want to know in general terms when the cloud saves between the two will be unhooked. I'm already afraid to play any of my Vita worlds and characters on...
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    PS Vita First time this error happened to me! Lost absolutely everything:(

    Ouch. If you shared any data between the Vita and PS4 versions you could download those worlds/characters from the cloud. If you have PS+ you can backup your full save to the cloud, and that data would have all your worlds and characters. If you don't have PS+, you can still use your...
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    How long have you been playing Terraria for?

    Since June of 2014. I got it free on my Vita, and I loved it so much that I went on to buy the PS4 bundle. Vita is still my favorite way to play though.
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    I dug a big hole. What should I put in it?

    Fill it with the bones of your enemies! Build a base out of their corpses. Let it serve as a warning to others.
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    Wall Creepers' Nasty Secret EXPOSED! (SHOCKING!)

    Actually, if the spiders in Terraria had the ability to cause boners with their venom, I could see their venom becoming highly medically prized, as the nurse tries to isolate the chemicals responsible under pressure from the clothier and his friends. Next, in a grungy backroom the merchant...
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    Scariest enemy!?

    I love scary game monsters, and Terraria has some of my favorites. Face monsters. My first trip into the crimson was at night, and between the music and the strange noises coming out of the dark I was incredibly freaked out. Then the shrieking face monsters started coming at my...
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    Least favorite enemies

    Maybe we should have the ability to keep one in a terrarium. It could be very Jason and the Argonauts. Lol At the start of the game it would be suicide. Earliest I'll go is mid pre-hardmode, once Starfury becomes a relevant option. (Say if I wanna upgrade from Light's Bane to a stronger...
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    Least favorite enemies

    Harpies! I fail at gravitation potions (get too disoriented), so I usually build my way into the sky. The spawn rate on harpies while I'm building is extremely high, as I cling to my little dirt blocks and try not to get knocked out of the sky. Ugh. Smh.
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    What would You add day 1: New Biome

    I love the idea of an alternate to the hallow. Maybe something like the "revered" or the "haunted" to define it as more spirit-oriented rather than bright fantasy. Love the idea of being subdued colors and wispy enemies... it would be cool to have a background that looked like it had a low...
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    Your Biggest Terraria Mistakes

    Playing in the underground and got a message that an evil presence was watching me. Didn't know what it meant, so EoC spawned on me while I was in a dark narrow underground passage. I had nowhere to evade, and it was over embarrassingly quickly.
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    PS Vita Should I get terraria for the PS Vita?

    The Vita has been updated to 1.2.4. Yeah, it gets content updated the same time as PS4. Since you can share characters and worlds between the two versions using the PS+ cloud, it would probably cause problems to not release those updates together.
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    Console Terraria Console Bugs & Issues Status

    Vita version doen't count it as valid lighting either. Also on Vita using the touchscreen to move inventory into/out of chests is messed up currently. I've always used the touchscreen when sorting inventory on the Vita. Now when I am in a chest it doesn't correctly register which slot I'm...
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    Corruption or Crimson?

    Aesthetically, I prefer the Crimson. It seems to have a much stronger theme, which makes quite an impression. My first time venturing into the Crimson terrified me with the intense music and freaky face monsters. It was love at first fright.
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