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  1. koiee

    tModLoader How to make starlight like weapon in tmod

    Oh, it is simpler than you think. You can check out shortsword in examplemod. Basically, Starlight is just really fast shortsword. So what you should do first is to recreate a normal shortsword(with a shortword projectile). Now you just need to add bunch of attack speed and random offset for the...
  2. koiee

    tModLoader [Tutorial] Projectile Guide and Implementation: tModLoader Edition

    Making a custom laser projectile is pretty difficult, so you might need to check out the example last prism from exampleMod. tModLoader/ExampleMod/Content/Projectiles/ExampleLastPrismBeam.cs at 1.4.4 · tModLoader/tModLoader Firstly, you need to make a sprites sheet for your laser (start...
  3. koiee

    tModLoader Custom item drawing on use

    Maybe you need to create a custom projectile and a custom swing ai, so you can override PreDraw() in that projectile
  4. koiee

    tAPI [Tutorial] Custom Hitboxes and Object-Oriented Programming

    From what I can see, diagonal rectangular hitboxes can also be done with the in-game AABB line check. You get the starting position from Projectile.Center, and the ending position by Adding/Subtracting with Projectile.velocity. Add the width and you got a diagonal hitbox. The following code is...
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