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    Other Idea for poster merch

    A Lenticular photo (photo that changes images when you move) of either all 4 celestial pillars or swapping between corruption/crimson biome. I think that would be really cool.
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    tModLoader Even More Modifiers Relaunch Beta

    Also hoping to see it soon! Please, we love you :)
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    tModLoader Unable to install Fargo's Souls Mod

    Hey guys! Don't know if it's your issue, but I was having the same issue & I found out it's related to Calamity mod. To fix it (and run both calamity and fargo at the same time) 1. Disable Calamity in the mods tab. 2. Enable Fargo's, and reload. 3. Click the gear icon on the right of Fargo's...
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