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    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    Everyone knows the update has been delayed and the posts are outdated. No need for revival.
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    Mobile Jungle didnt change

    Your supposed to find Plantera bulbs btw. There is no MASSIVE change in the jungle. All you get is Plantera Bulbs when the text, 'The Jungle Grows Restless' pops up. Just give it some time and the bulbs and chlorophyte, if I'm not mistaking, will show up.
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    Mobile Am i ready for hardmode?

    I imagine you have full Molten Armor...? I'd say making a late pre-hardmode ranged weapon such as the Sharanga or the Flamerang. It's a bit of a grind but it makes killing the WoF much easier. Also, build a large platform for you to walk away from the WoF while dealing damage. I managed to kill...
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    Mobile What code language is Terraria Mobile, as of 1.2, using?

    I've heard it's C++ but I'm not to sure if that's correct. Thanks!
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    Mobile How too cheese Ocram

    You can also use this method against the Dungeon Guardian to get to get yourself a nice, shiny, Bone Key.
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    Mobile Drax has a chance to be found in shadow chests?

    It's not even rare honestly, don't exaggerate. On my main Let's Play world I found a Drax in a shadow chest. After beating Duke Fishron on my Let's play, I decided to do a ranger play through and believe it or not, I found another Drax. Not rare honestly. :indifferent:
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    Mobile The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

    Chill out dude, quality over quantity.
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    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    There is always someone who thinks they're better than everyone because they have more money.
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    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    Noooooo, I got excited because there was a new post ): why you do dis to meh
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    Mobile Chlorophyte farm help

    I thought you could only farm chlorophyte in the jungle...? :confused:
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    Mobile Should I Get Turtle Armour Or Chlorophyte Armour?

    Turtle is mainly for defense while chlorophyte is for overall performance. Which one to choose; just depends on your play style.
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    Mobile Which feature from 1.3 are you the most excited about?

    I'm hoping for a larger FOV. Half the time when fighting bosses they're off screen, such as Skeletron Prime or Duke Fishron. My phone screen size is pretty large also, 5.5 inches.
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    Mobile Theory of getting Rare Drop.

    Ok, look, I'm not sure you're getting this correctly. Let's talk about a key mold, any key mold, Frozen, Crimson, Corruption, Hallowed, Jungle. Let's say they have a 1 in 4,000 drop chance. What this means is, Everytime you kill a mob inside their designated biome, you have a 1 in 4,000 chance...
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