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  1. Astronomic727

    Drawings & Paintings Queen Bee fan art - Terraria Legends

    It's been a while since my last post lol but my next Terraria illustration is finished! The duo made their way into the Underground Jungle, but the baby slime summon has brought the wrath of the Queen Bee on them... will our heroes triumph? yeah they got plot armour `:p Anyway, see you all next...
  2. Astronomic727

    Drawings & Paintings Goblin Army fan art - Terraria Legends

    First time posting here! Hello! `:) So a while back I abandoned Twitter and decided to make an account here to share my Terraria stuff, so here's my piece of the Goblin Army ambushing my two heroes (Via and Orion) in the midst of their town construction :P To explain the title, 'Terraria...
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