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  1. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    Journey's End Vanity Contest!

    Man, jester outfits seem to be a common choice huh. Well, I submitted one before anyone else anyways :dryadtongue:
  2. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    ninja cooky....................

    ninja cooky....................
  3. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    Journey's End Vanity Contest!

    Of course the vanity set I made is a jester set. Like, what else would I make, me bein the jester character lovin dummy that I am. Honestly, I kinda like how it looks, bein my first time doing pixel art and all (other than recoloring nuclear throne weapons lol) I guess the small amount of pixels...
  4. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    The Court Jester's Set! Requirements and method of obtaining: Sold by Clothier during a blood moon, 5% chance of being sold. The chance only ever resets after another blood moon rises. Must have killed 10 Clowns in order for Clothier to start selling it If this wins, you are free to modify it...
  5. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    PC Speaker audio problems

    Note: The Corruption isn't the only piece of the OST that gets messed up, nearly every single track does.
  6. Cat Jester (Hooooh)

    PC Speaker audio problems

    I recently started playing Terraria using speakers due to a lack of headphones, and the audio works fine; except for one thing, the music. Here's an example of how the audio gets messed up with the Corruption music, recorded from my phone. If anyone knows how to fix it, PLEASE tell me! It's...
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