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  1. Sirus_Robomage

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    Not been able to update to v4.3.1. Updated TModLoader and the new version shows, and I am given the option to update. The progress bar fills and that's it. Nothing else happens and i'm stuck there unless I hit cancel. I tried updating manually and the same thing happened. It seems like the 4.3.1...
  2. Sirus_Robomage

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Is it normal for the Overhaul music mod to be playing one singular music track 24/7 when in the standard biomes, regardless of whether it's day or night? What I presume to be the day theme is just constantly playing all day around, no matter whether it's forest, desert, jungle....whatever biome...
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