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  1. Scipizoa

    Timezones not displaying correctly..

    yea wonder if anyone [picked up on this, i'm eastern/canada TZ and just made a post @ 10:15 and yet its displaying 7:15, so its obviously bugged to thinking i have central or pacific selected
  2. Scipizoa

    Doctor Who

    so Just watched part 1 of season 8 finale, thoughts?
  3. Scipizoa

    anyone know where i can find subbed episodes?

    anyone know where i can find subbed episodes?
  4. Scipizoa

    I never seen evolution, i heard it was in french only?

    I never seen evolution, i heard it was in french only?
  5. Scipizoa

    How does one get "Titles" in the new website?

    thats just it i've literally tried all of that, and my settings were all on pub from the start[i'm not afraid ppl seeing any of my stuff] I must have unlinked/relinked about 3 times already, :) am I missing anything else? Heres my steam profile as proof. ;)...
  6. Scipizoa

    How does one get "Titles" in the new website?

    false i've had the public access'd steam account linked for more then 24+ hours and nada. your crawlers broken.
  7. Scipizoa


    I hope thats all it is but how did that one person get the official terrian tag if everythings overloaded/.. sigh i'll try to unlink and relink MAYBE it'll work P.S ok relinked with terraria running, i'll give it an hour and see if it works ;)
  8. Scipizoa

    Gender Race

  9. Scipizoa

    Magic: The Gathering

    OK so I felt that he new forums needed an mtg thread so here it is. I'll get the ball rolling, what's everyone's opinions on the reprinted fetch lands from kahns. Personally I've never used them standard play
  10. Scipizoa

    Doctor Who

    Blame the daleks. They be medaling in wit stuffs and up to no good!
  11. Scipizoa

    Great forums but quick q

    alright thanks guys,
  12. Scipizoa

    Serious Tech Thread[phones/tablets,/gadgets, etc]

    It has a learning curve like any phablet, but atleast it won't "Bend" in tight pants. xD
  13. Scipizoa

    Casual Explain your avatar

    well, lol the person who questioned my avavie on a rate the person avvie thread is finally gonna understand it, My avatar if the scipizoa from the show code lyoko, basically it a memory absorbed, mind reader. so yea mystery solved. xD
  14. Scipizoa

    Serious Tech Thread[phones/tablets,/gadgets, etc]

    if you don't mind me asking, whats your budget look like?
  15. Scipizoa

    Serious Tech Thread[phones/tablets,/gadgets, etc]

    well your not answering what you want a smart device for, like what do you intend to do with it?
  16. Scipizoa

    Serious Tech Thread[phones/tablets,/gadgets, etc]

    well, my suggestion would be do your research, go with the phone you feel that'll meet your needs, yea people can suggest things that they'd like, or feel is good, and thats how majority of the ppl in the world became iphone users,, anywho, find a phone that meets your needs, does it take...
  17. Scipizoa

    Serious Tech Thread[phones/tablets,/gadgets, etc]

    well it depends, what do you want/need it for, pictures, productivity, etc. what have you used before, be a smartphone or tablet.
  18. Scipizoa

    State something nobody would've guessed about you.

    I'm a chick like seriously why is people find that so hard to believe, most everyone on the net assumes you to be a guy, well what if theres no guys on the internet, thats my outlook on it all, but yes i am legitly a chick on the internet xD
  19. Scipizoa

    Casual Pet Peeves

    Oh i love this thread, still hate ppl that won't use google xD!~ lmao
  20. Scipizoa

    Other Game Minecraft Thread

    Yes, the microaoft deal scares me abit, I mean i can imagine the hell that would come if they decided to milk they cow as they've done their others, i.e [0.99 for a starter pack 5 diamond, 25 torches iron starter itms and leather armor.] that kinda junk would kill MC for me right there.
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