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  1. Yenrand

    NPCs & Enemies Statues Rework

    Sorry, some sentences sound better in my native language. Back to the topic. Some enemies should have statues like Vulture or Cursed Skull. Additionally, some statues should have multiple uses (Wall Creeper Statue should also spawn Blood Crawler, Jungle Creeper and Sand Poacher - depending on...
  2. Yenrand

    NPCs & Enemies Statues Rework

    A simple suggestion. Let's add some spawn statues. In terraria we have about 25 such statues and over 300 opponents. Not all enemies need to have them. Some of the statues may work depending on the biomes they are in (we don't need each slime to have its own statue). For example: I want to build...
  3. Yenrand

    Terraria Halloween Contest - 2023 - Winners!

    Great work. Congratulations to all the winners and participants.
  4. Yenrand

    Biomes & Nature Overworld Hell Biome

    I would love to create a volcanic biome on the surface. Unfortunately, such a biome has no background. We can only leave slimes and bats as enemies here (no demons, serpents or imps).
  5. Yenrand

    Blocks & Decoration Let us play, the piano, PLEASE

    There is always room for a playable instrument (imagine these in-game remixes).
  6. Yenrand

    Game Mechanics Make a reward for getting all the achievements.

    Different menu screen (like ''golden letters'')? It's just a suggestion.
  7. Yenrand

    Weapons & Equip Reforging armor in 1.4.5?

    This could be added on some special world seed. The costs of reforging would increase. Every weapon, armor and accessory could get every prefix (ex. warding bow doesn't have to work, just wasted money).
  8. Yenrand

    Game Mechanics More post moonlord content

    Terraria is already a complete creation (we even have the ending), I am in favor of making the gameplay wider, but not longer. Although I would love to see some NewGame+.
  9. Yenrand

    Blocks & Decoration Foreground Walls

    Immersive Projector. This modification has a lot of possibilities, foreground is just one of them. Unfortunately, it is quite complicated to use.
  10. Yenrand

    Blocks & Decoration Foreground Walls

    I've seen a modification that adds this (where it copies the background from one place and moves it to the foreground in another place). The effect is impressive not only in buildings but also in biomes. I recommend seeing it with your own eyes.
  11. Yenrand

    Game Mechanics A simple proposal to diversify summoner gameplay

    Unfortunately, the summoner's gameplay is rather disappointing compared to other classes. It always saddened me that the summoner didn't copy opponents' attacks. Summoning a servant for a moment to make him attack (a bit like in Castlevania). Ex. You summon a Zombie to move in a given direction...
  12. Yenrand

    Weapons & Equip Cloud Armor

    Imagine an armor made of clouds, put it on and now tell me how this ARMOR protects you? It may surprise you, but you're practically naked while wearing this armor.
  13. Yenrand

    Sprites Updated Spazmatism flamethrower

    Good idea, but I'm surprised you have time to admire his flamethrower while fighting him.
  14. Yenrand

    Weapons & Equip Cloud Armor

    At least change the name from Cloud Armor to Cloudsilk set or something like that. Before I came here I was curious how you want to create "Cloud armor'' (it sounds like balloon armor or bubble armor).
  15. Yenrand

    Game Mechanics cannon mechanism

    I don't know why, but suddenly I have a strange urge to shoot my own character out of a cannon like in a circus.
  16. Yenrand

    Items Hardmode variety potions

    Also I would like to see new potions for hardmode (new buffs). There is no hallow herb. A lot of materials have only one use. So it's time to unleash our creativity. It's worth adding that there are no new potions in hardmode, as all buff potions can be crafted before defeating any boss.
  17. Yenrand

    Weapons & Equip should we have more mage weopons

    It is worth remembering that not all warrior weapons are mentioned here (only the most popular ones). You, however, listed all the magician's weapons listed on the wiki. Half of these weapons are useless or are used in a specific way (apart from the fact that some are difficult to obtain and...
  18. Yenrand

    Game Mechanics Something to "unmown" the grass

    Flower Boots? It's funny, but all this time it seemed to me that these boots were ''removing'' the lawn.
  19. Yenrand

    Biomes & Nature The dryad need to tell you where the corrupt/crimson and howoled are

    Want to spoil her fun? But honestly, it would be nice to have something to find that one percent. If there are Fairies which find treasures, we can ask for a fairy which detects bad blocks.
  20. Yenrand

    NPCs & Enemies Mechanical Brain of Cthulhu

    Destroyer is a mechanical version of both bosses. I know you only mess with the big boss thing, but the little ones are there too.
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