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  1. Tsukti

    Items A healing magic item (just a thought 🤔)

    A magic it that heals hp using mana. Could be crafted with heart crystals similar stuffs. Heal nearby players in multiplayer. You say we have potions, it's useless. Like I said it was just a thought. Edit:mana cost reduction items won't work.
  2. Tsukti

    Items Please make these items craftable 😏⚒️👷🐦

    I Don't think it should be implemented because just think making a magic weapon in with common materials like wood n other stuff it ok getting them in chests
  3. Tsukti

    Items Void vault, void bag dye slot

    And change ui colour
  4. Tsukti

    Portfolio/Multi-Topic QOL decoration and a pet suggestion

    Wof has better yoyo than you
  5. Tsukti

    Terraria Makeship Series - Silver Armor

    Where is tungsten. was it not generated?
  6. Tsukti

    Items Void vault, void bag dye slot

    They could be next to the inventory slots or the loot, restock, rename should give space for it a bit (critter shampoos Are U Insane)
  7. Tsukti

    Items Void vault, void bag dye slot

    It think it will be nice to have a dyeable void vault or bag with a dye slot, like red black or even rainbow living dyes. Just thought it would be cool
  8. Tsukti

    Secret World Seed Ocean Seed

    My device: settling liquids 50%
  9. Tsukti

    Other New achievement idea

    Oh yeah I understood now thanks for the honest reply
  10. Tsukti

    Other New achievement idea

    I think there must be a achievement called 'true terrarian' die more than 1000times (I guess that's less but). Because every true Terraria player knows it:dryadtongue:
  11. Tsukti

    Thoughts on Eater of Worlds' new theme?

    Going to be very nostalgic boss fight<3
  12. Tsukti

    Weapons & Equip Guns (probably rifiles) with melee damage

    I think that guns like musket should have a alt attack. when there is no ammo left guns should have a animation like spear to attack with the butt when there is no ammo left
  13. Tsukti

    Game Mechanics Character world lock?

    BTW my friends were using builders workshop to get op items
  14. Tsukti

    Game Mechanics Character world lock?

    I was just wondering, does terraria players play and not use their characters or other worlds in there new survival world. it's just like a cheat but even if there was CWL how will we get evil biome that not in our world or other unobtainable items OR world that was...
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