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  1. Cataclysmic_Armageddon

    PC Terraria: No-hitting for dummies! (A guide to No-hitting)

    Never posted here before so I hope this is ok, I've made a small guide to get players who have never tried No-hitting/Flawless fighting before but want to give it a try, It's hugely indepth but it's something. If you would like to see more from me here please say and I'll post here more...
  2. Cataclysmic_Armageddon

    tModLoader Maelstrom Mod

    You've grabbed my attention
  3. Cataclysmic_Armageddon

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    For one I mentioned that bug to make sure it was a bug you were aware of, and 2nd, I was asking how to disable it all together with the need to manully disable every time I load a SinglePlayer world :P Guess I should explain a little clearer.
  4. Cataclysmic_Armageddon

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    Is there anyway to disable the food entirely ? I know of the item to disable it but once I reload that world it's active again, Is there a way to stop this and have it permantly disabled from a character or world ? Also I see something about MP bugs, I did MP and we kept getting a death message...
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