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  1. MinionDude282

    Weapons & Equip Ideas for some accessories

    Reflective Space Heater (Accessory-Crafting Material) Tooltip: Gives immunity to chilled, frozen and petrified. Crafting- Tinkerer's Workshop 1 Hand Warmer 1 Pocket Mirror Used In: Ankh Charm Balloons O' Plenty (Accessory) Tooltip: Allows the holder to preform a quintuple jump. Increases jump...
  2. MinionDude282

    Weapons & Equip (WIP) The Throwing Class: Removed, Reborn, Reworked and Ready. (WIP)

    Welcome to the Throwing Class, also known as the rouge class. This class is known for its weak vanilla weapons and strong modded weapons. The throwing class was unfortunately removed in the 1.4 update, being merged with the ranged class. Today however, I will rescue the class from its death and...
  3. MinionDude282

    NPCs & Enemies New Npc Suggestion

    Some names should be: Brahms, Beethoven, Cobain, Lennon
  4. MinionDude282

    NPCs & Enemies New Npc Suggestion

    yes yes yes yes
  5. MinionDude282

    Items Miscellaneous Item Suggestions for Terraria

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make some suggestions for Terraria. These items are mainly tools/other items. Hope you enjoy! Luminite Multi-Painter Fairly self explanatory. A combination of the three Spectre tools plus some Luminite. The item would have +10 range, a fast use time, and a blue...
  6. MinionDude282

    Items Some new mage weapons

    Book of Hearts Base Damage: 27 (Magic) Crit. Strike Chance: 3% Speed: 27 (Average) Inflicts: Stunned (14% chance) Lovestruck (100% chance) Best Modifier: Mythical Tool Tip: “Cupid’s guide to love” Obtaining Purchased from the Traveling Merchant (10 Gold) during the month of February Lightning...
  7. MinionDude282

    Items First Fractal as a magic weapon?

    Yea, I’ve thought about the Zenith having ’true damage’ and not having any modifiers either.
  8. MinionDude282

    Items Make Zenith a completionist weapon

    I feel like adding a bunch of new swords to the Zenith Crafting Tree would make it too difficult to obtain. However, Duke Fishron needs a sword, but Flairon is a great melee weapon!
  9. MinionDude282

    Items First Fractal as a magic weapon?

    Hmm. Sounds like a good idea! I personally would replace the Rainbow Rod with the Sky Fracture.
  10. MinionDude282

    Items Know this won't happen, but modders maybe...?

    Yea! Maybe like a color slide like what you use in the dresser. This probably would only change projectiles though.
  11. MinionDude282

    PC Hello

    Hello and welcome! Can you please specify what you are asking?
  12. MinionDude282

    Weapons & Equip Balancing The Flying Dutchman mount

    Although I do agree with your statement, (Black Spot should he nerfed) the Black Spot is terrible when you turn. The mount slows down like crazy when going from right to left, so it evens out. (Kinda not really, the mount is still too op)
  13. MinionDude282

    PC i am would like to buy or trade for chippy's couch

    Hey btw Builders Workshop exists
  14. MinionDude282

    Items Know this won't happen, but modders maybe...?

    I definitely support the idea of renaming your weapons, accessories, etc, but I feel like the resprite feature is a little much. I am also wondering, how would the modders integrate an entire sprite-creating tool?
  15. MinionDude282

    Items Changed specifications of "Social Accessories" slot.

    I believe that they changed the social accessory slot so that players cannot cheat through battles. (Example: switching to a Shiny Stone when hp is low)
  16. MinionDude282

    Weapons & Equip Add more than one pet slot to the inventory

    Cool idea! I have a question however. If the pet is like the Lunatic Cultist pet, would it make the dragon longer?
  17. MinionDude282

    Potions Guide Pt 2

    I will compile all of the articles together when I’m done.
  18. MinionDude282

    Potions Guide Pt 2

    A User’s Guide to Potions; Chapter Two: H-N Heartreach Potion Helpful for battles that drop a lot of hearts. Can come in handy when low on HP. Only obtainable with a Crimson Tigerfish, so it is very challenging to get them in a world with Corruption. Hunter Potion Useful for finding...
  19. MinionDude282

    Potion Usability Guide Part One

    Very true... I personally don’t play archer, but I did test these potions before making this list. I’ll change the list right now.
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