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  1. Kurodani_Yamame

    tModLoader AlchemistNPC v9.0

    I didn't see a bug report link, so I'll put it here, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news; My game's fully updated, but for some reason neither the Rampage Components, nor the Supreme Rampage Components have the Chloroshard bullet effect. I have tried hiding and revealing the accessory...
  2. Kurodani_Yamame

    tAPI Necropolis Mod

    So the Necro mod, which is getting Necro'd, is run by Necro? Necroception ;p
  3. Kurodani_Yamame

    Tell me your most luckiest moments in Terraria

    Here's one that just happened today: I was called in to work, and left Terraria running, just off-window so it didn't blow up my stuff. I'm playing a moderately modded playthrough, Ninja-Class, and I found out after I got to work at like 8 PM that the power in the the neighborhood was off...
  4. Kurodani_Yamame

    Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!

    I must give a well wishes for years to come. Happy birthday!
  5. Kurodani_Yamame

    Some Building I'm Doing in Singleplayer

    Just some builds in general. Might have some wiring stuff built up, or small structures that I'm filling my world with. Expect to see some pretty basic, probably bad stuff, but I'd like to see what people think of what I've made. Stuff like This corruption-filled tower I've made in my Crimson...
  6. Kurodani_Yamame

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    I cannot seem to craft any Spinning Wheels. The only one I see in the Recipe browser is Rumplestiltskins, and it doesn't have a crafting recipe. the Loom doesn't work as a spinning wheel, or I'd use that.
  7. Kurodani_Yamame

    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    The prism was casually mentioned in one of the Doujins, though it's the Doujin that ZUN worked alongside the writes, and introduced Ibara Kasen. I forget what it's called, and where to find it, but it's thus incomplete, and kinda silly, as far as Doujins go.
  8. Kurodani_Yamame

    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    I'm, specifically referring to the reference to Master/Final Spark in Touhou, actually. In description, it is the exact same attack, and like Marisa's Hakkero, it's focused through a Crystal Prismas the focus to CAST said spell.
  9. Kurodani_Yamame

    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    It's highly upsetting that some of the information on that page that was correct was removed since I was last there.
  10. Kurodani_Yamame

    Terraria 1.3: My (mostly negative) experience

    Actually, the Expert Mode drops can have modifiers. Menacing Royal Gel I have.
  11. Kurodani_Yamame

    Fix your game Red! 2.0

    Wait, that happened to you? I was playing LAN with my little bro in 1.2.4, and we found a wooden chest. He opened it, as I was more keen on popping open the nearby Golden Chest for a chance at an Aqua Sceptre (Shut up, I like that weapon), and he said, ooh, I found a toy, and the next thing I...
  12. Kurodani_Yamame

    Terraria 1.3: My (mostly negative) experience

    A lot of the summoner stuff gets pretty OP. As-in, pre 1.3, Tempest Staff with the Tiki armor set and a summoner potion, and you could stand still and win a Pirate Invasion. (You do need the Papyrus Scarab and Pygmy Necklace as well, but those are really easy to get :s) I'm debating if I want...
  13. Kurodani_Yamame

    Fix your game Red! 2.0

    Worldgen is worldgen ;p
  14. Kurodani_Yamame

    Most hated boss of pre-hardmode

    My friend had to call me in to help him with his Skeletron, and He came to my world to help me with mine right afterwards as payment. The trick is to remove his hands ASAP, as that cuts his defense massively. If you have a friend playing Expert Terraria and can come help, have them come over...
  15. Kurodani_Yamame

    Terraria 1.3: My (mostly negative) experience

    I actually CAN'T beat anything without a Mana Star, because I play Mage/Summoner ;p
  16. Kurodani_Yamame

    Terraria 1.3: My (mostly negative) experience

    I thought it was Satanical for a little while, then I stopped thinking like it was my Minecraft Modpacks, and instead approached it like I do Monster Hunter. Rather than trying to Brute Force my way with whatever I liked, I started being tactical, setting the terrain, scouting positions, taking...
  17. Kurodani_Yamame

    PC*clenches teeth*

    I normally go pure mage, and, in doing so, wind up getting everything for pure summoner as well. I play with a friend that's in LOVE with Melee and Ranged, and he has a habit of whining a bit when he goes to "Farm for things" as he put it. Terra Blade *WAS* a great sword, and yeah, he made it...
  18. Kurodani_Yamame

    your security for 1.3 is horrid

    If it's just your wife and you, why not use the Dedi software, and use a LAN system to connect? *Ah, the old days of lugging my PC to my friends' house to play Total Annihilation and DIablo II* LAN is a fantastic solution if it's just you and her in the same house on that world. *FAILING*...
  19. Kurodani_Yamame

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    For nostalgia's sake, Starfury and Blizzard Staff.
  20. Kurodani_Yamame

    PC*clenches teeth*

    Soon as you get back to playing, Strip the Lizhard Temple of all of its precious traps. set up a mob grinder with those and a tiny bit of either Lava or Honey (I prefer the latter, as the only enemies that resist that don't partake in Invasions), and prepare for Pumpkin Moon, after getting some...
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