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    Possible fix if all your characters and worlds suddently disappear

    A while ago I loaded up the game and everything was gone. I wasn't too upset, as I was just about done with my current world and there wasn't anything too impressive in it. However, just this morning I realized where the missing files had gone. They were stored in my OneDrive Documents, but now...
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    PC Permanent Slow-mo on Singleplayer

    I've found that Terraria likes to run at 60 fps, and will go slow-mo when limited to 30. My computer does a thing that I haven't figured out how to disable where it will limit itself to 30 fps when not plugged in. It may seem like a silly fix, but I spent a half an hour trying to figure out why...
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    Pre-Hardmode Containment

    In my last hardmode world (the first one in which I had entered hardmode), I just kinda went in blind. It wasn't too rough, but the hollow and crimson basically infected everything, destroying all biomes but the jungle, which would have fallen too if given time. This time, I am going to be much...
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    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    I've restarted my characters/worlds a few times, but I've only ever gotten into hardmode in one of my worlds and I got all the way up to Plantera (but never beat it). In that particular playthrough, which was my first and only encounter with hardmode, I had one heck of a time with the Twins and...
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