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    Items Crafting Suggestion: Converting Pearl/Ebon/Crim-sand Blocks

    A quick suggestion for converting already-acquired hallow/evil sand blocks without laying them back down in the game world - Pearlsand to normal sand: 1 Vile/Vicious Powder and 20 (or so) Pearlsand Blocks = 20 (or so) Sand Blocks Ebonsand/Crimsand to normal sand: Same as above, but requires...
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    Simple Building Tips and Tricks

    I struck upon a simple but very effective idea myself while building a kitchen tonight - For fridges, stack one iron crate atop another, and paint them white.
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    Items A more logical way to handle traps

    Oh. I guess I missed that. Heh.
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    Items A more logical way to handle traps

    Muteness: Temple Keys are also required for biome chest unlocks. I'd agree that after the first kill maybe they lower to a fair % drop rate, but not being removed entirely.
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    PC PC Terraria Ninja Challenge

    PC Terraria Ninja Challenge This challenge is based on the ninja being a asian-themed, fast-moving, stealthy, night-active, poison-using assassin-style character with very limited magical expertise that avoids unwanted attention. Note: The building accessories and potions are not brought up, as...
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    Items Two extra expert items for mech bosses

    My two cents: I'd probably just make each treasure bag from the three bosses have a generic item in addition to the wagon pieces called "Mechanical Scrap" or some such, and the items you could craft from these would vary. This would make the completion of all three bosses less neccessary, but...
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    Items Auto Sort Chest Function

    I would think alphabetical order for items in chests makes the most sense and is probably on the easier side to code. Supported!
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    Items Suggestion - Show Item Coin Value in Tooltip

    The title says it all. This would help add another factor in the decision making process of what's worth keeping in your inventory.
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    Items post moon lord item that stops further expansion of jungle, hallow, and crimson/corruption

    Redistribute the chance of it dropping along with the (currently) 1/9 chance items from Moon Lord, and call it the Worldpillar - a placeable furniture similar to the Enchanted Sundial and the Extractinator - Once per 7 days, you can place an appropriate seed into it and receive a full stack of...
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    Items ~ [New Potions] Khaelis's Potion Suggestions ~

    I suppose invalidate was too strong a word. But it's just my opinion that a potion that can stand in for an accessory is veering on the side of being too powerful. Something like 8% I could see, and most direct damage-affecting potions have a duration of 4 minutes.
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    Items ~ [New Potions] Khaelis's Potion Suggestions ~

    Not sure if this has been said yet, but the melee swiftness potion is too strong. Feral Claws are 12%, and they lessen to 10% with accessory combinations. This potion would invalidate an entire accessory tree. Edit: I saw your post about the penetration potion vs. the tooth necklace -...
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    Items Grenadier Sub-Class Items

    I have a few ideas for a "Grenadier" sub-class for Terraria. Rather than having another whole series of armors devoted to it, however, it would be improved through a series of accessories (much like how the yoyos are implemented). For the sake of this post, the term "bomb(s)" refers to: bombs...
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    Weapons & Equip Improved Reforging.

    Selecting the modifier to stop at probably goes against design intent because there's only one "top" modifier for each weapon. For accessories it's a little better. I think a middle ground would be to delay future reforges by 5 seconds if it hits a "top of the line" modifier of any category...
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    Weapons & Equip Hardmode Throwing Sets

    I would like to formally suggest a Hardmode viable addition to the throwing style of play, to expand upon the Ninja Armor and Fossil Armor. I gave it some thought, and while I'm no expert at number crunching, I understand that throwing may be a bit more niche than the melee, ranged, and spell...
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    PC WTB Life-Form Analyzer

    No longer in need. Thanks though.
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    PC WTB Chlorophyte Ore/Bars and Glowing Mushrooms

    Update: Got the 100 ebonkoi. How do you guys wanna meet up?
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    PC WTB Chlorophyte Ore/Bars and Glowing Mushrooms

    SciLog: I can work on some ebonkai for you. And Xland: I could manage say 3 plat?
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    PC WTB Chlorophyte Ore/Bars and Glowing Mushrooms

    How much do you want? I can probably arrange something
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    PC WTB Chlorophyte Ore/Bars and Glowing Mushrooms

    Looking to buy both in large amounts. PST how much you have and what you'd like for it. I can primarily do coin payment.
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    PC Moon Lord Take-Downs

    Try again. Messed something up.
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