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    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    That sounds similar to how I did it, except stardust dragon /solar eruption did all the work and I didnt use any buffs
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    PC Post epic things you have done here

    Ok not epic by most peoples standards but just beat moon lord last night. I felt like a god.
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    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    It was only 3rd down the page, barely a bump :p Plus I only just killed moon lord last night but didnt feel like It was worth starting its own thread sharing my excitement :p (ok 3rd down, on page 4 lol. oops)
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    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    I guess maybe I just cheesed the moon lord, but he was super easy. Didnt use any potions or potion buffs, my gear accesories werent really optimized, I didnt even have max life (my max is 445 currently) I dont mind cheesing bosses though and I still found it fun to kick his :red:.
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    PC Help! i farm 9999999999 priavtes i don't get any lucky coin

    Ive got a chest full of discount cards, pirate staffs and lucky coins. Its the coin guns thats eluding me. ive got a chest and a half full of pirate maps so.. guess I can keep on grinding :p
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    5.8 Platinum an hour Early Pre-Hardmode Farm. Easy!

    I dont get how this is cheating
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    My new way to make money (Mid-Late Pre-Hardmode)

    Once you have access to pumps you can create obsidian generators and I think people do in fact use them for making ans selling skulls, among other things. Its a good method though.
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    3DS Mob spawns on 3DS

    Does mob spawning on 3DS follow the same rules as PC version? The guide I am following states mobs will spawn 62 tiles and 84 tiles to the left and right of the player. (and 47 blocks up and down?) Just want to confirm it is the same on 3DS which has so much fewer blocks per screen shown...
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